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46,330 Gold

Ok, I admit I've been an infrequent user of the forums so I'm a bit confused. How exactly did I get this much gold when I barely use the daily rewards? Are the campaigns just shoveling gold down my throat?

Sorry if this is a bit of a stupid question but I'm a bit curious to how I got this much gold by doing so little. Its probably from the handouts from campaigns but I'm still wondering how exactly I acquired this much gold which had previously been quite scarce.


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    Under the gold amount should be a link to "View History" which would show how you spent/got your gold. It should pop-up with something like this::

  • @Fyre You were probly rewarded the 25k Gold from the last campaign. We had an issue with the bet system, so it was rewarded to everyone.
  • @Rob
    @Boland ;
    Thank you for clarifying I appreciate it!
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