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What we are...

We are the Old Gods, We are a volatile force that exist outside Urealms. We are the Curse that controls it. We are the reason it will die.

We hunger for conflict, sorrow, entertainment. We create monsters, We destroy heroes. We bring death, We create life. It was Us who killed the light, and plunged this world into chaos.

We will never leave this world. Even if YOU leave this world alone to pick up the pieces, OTHERS won't, and YOU will return. We are death, We are life, We are creation, We are destruction, We are order, and We are chaos,

And don't you just enjoy it?
I do.


  • well looks like someone found the bold
  • You know, I do wonder how many people really grasp the term Old God and what it implies. Lot of the conversations I see while I'm here often don't seem to register that it's a synonym for "eldritch monstrosity".
  • I don’t understand why everyone has this old god are evil monsters mentality. Not everyone of our actions have done harm to the realm. In fact even some of our worst deeds could be argued not to be that bad, yes we killed phanto, but phanto was dead before we killed him, we just decided to take blame so others didn’t have too. And it was do to the death of phanto to create many of the races that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. The realm is in many ways better than it was before the birth of magic. Keep in mind phanto would have died anyways.

    are we evil for voting in a divine decision? Why? Look at the grand paladin order. We voted on who would become the grand paladin, the random draw decided Gwyneth(not that we had much of a choice anyways between 2 options). And ultimately someone is becoming grand paladin no matter what. And who ever gets picked will suffer. All we did was vote for who’s incharge of a corrupt order. What about that makes us evil?
    maybe if the vote was create god of evil vs create god of good. Then you have an argument for why we are evil, but that divine decision hasn’t happened yet, it’s not black and white.
    we are not evil, we are not good. There is no evil, there is no good.
  • @kreeperkiller63
    It's because they're looking at it wrong. I kinda need to make a thread on that eldritch monstrosity thing at some point, it's a super accurate comparison that I'm fairly sure was done on purpose, but at the same time there are probably people better educated on the likes of the Cthulu mythos than me so idk.

    It's not a question of the Old Gods being good or evil. They aren't, such concepts are not applicable. What they are is deeply unfamiliar with the world, but with the power to change it rather drastically in crude and clumsy ways. They're not aware of the damage they are doing from the perspective of the people in the universe, and they might well not think they are doing damage at all.
  • we are fluid.
  • i would argue that this is kind of a reverse eldritch situation. Like instead of an apathetic entity accidentally intersecting with their plane of existence, the old gods actively engage and care too much about the realm that their good and bad intentions get lost in translation between mediums. Almost like a bunch of clumsy greek gods playing a tabletop RPG—  oh, wait...  @Laito
  • I'm not describing what the Old Gods are from our perspective. I'm describing it from the perspective of those within the universe. Obviously from our perspective we are not literal eldritch monstrosities, and we have our own goals and so on, but from the viewpoint of a citizen of the URverse, the actions of the Old Gods are erratic, random, super dangerous, and they drive characters mad. They also fundamentally fail to understand many things about the universe and they don't have a great grasp of consequences. 

    With this in mind, it is super unclear to those within the universe whether the Old Gods care or not unless they literally know their exact situation, which obviously most characters do not.
  • Without us the realm would die, sure we basically ruin everything we touch, but we are the chaos needed for existence.
  • I dont really get what characters in the universe know about us.
    Do they like know "The Old Gods had a choice between x and y, and chose x".
    Or what?
  • I feel like the awakened characters just know that we watch their universe for entertainment. well other than Nader, he knows everything
  • We laugh and revel as our beloved puppets dance
  • @kreeperkiller63
    To be fair for the Divine Decision I, and many others, blatantly chose the option that would lead to the most chaos and destruction by having Deadlantis go to war with Bopen. 
    Most people would consider that the "Evil" option, especially from the perspective of all the living in the URealms. 
    Not that I care what the living think, since I would be pro-Ageless.
  • why can't everyone just live together and be happy  :(
  • @Shane
    From a storytelling perspective that would make for a terrible story without any conflict.
  • @Caprikel ; But, from a storytelling perspective, having just conflict and chaos is as bad as "living together and be happy".

    This is why, people shouldn't embrace so easily this role of being the chaotic Old God. Chaos for the sake of chaos can become tiring really fast. I find it much more interesting when we have different goals, different ideas of what the Realms should be. I would be really interested to hear why you choose war Caprikel? Was it really just to see violence and chaos, or were you interested in giving Bopen power, maybe giving the Ageless a fighting chance in a war, so the balance of power would not be as unfair?
    - - -

    Like @Laito said we resemble more a kind of "Eldritch monstrosity", because we all have different voices. Personally, when I try to figure out what the Old Gods would look like to the inhabitant of the Realms, I imagine a room filled with people arguing and shouting on top of each other, sometime agreeing together to influence the realms, sometime being divided on a topic.

    For this reason, I think it's more interesting to portray the Old Gods as divided, more than united under a single "We". For example, the Old Gods are divided between supporting the ageless or the living, so it doesn't make sense to say that "we" Old Gods want to destroy the Light or bring war. Some of us do, while some are against it. And exploiting the divisive nature of the Old Gods seems much more interesting as a storytelling theme than their "illusory" union.
  • @Dalard
    Well the living does have all the the living races on their side, while the Ageless has Bopen and his crew, some Spooky Spiders, and a crazy Bone Cult. Having the largest force of Ageless join them would only be fair. 
    But mostly it's because I've been pro-Ageless since Deadbones' character in the Silvermine Mountain, Khn'n-Rell. 
  • i guess peace is boring but i don't think wishing for it is, as I know rob would find a way to make it interesting anyway.  
  • Hey there we’ll be peace when everyone is ageless 
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