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Thor turned to bronze and origin of kobolds

so after seeing Thor turned to bronze i got immediately reminded about the old creation myth of the kobolds in the unforgotten realms show. so i wonder now exactly how they got created in Urealms? We know of sandbolds and they where created in a completely different way, so what is the kobolds real creation story in Urealm and is Thor still a bronze statue?


  • I wonder if maybe some Kobolds ate Thor? It seemed important that it was a bronze statue and not a rock statue...but it's also been implied that Kobolds eat gems over I don't see a reason they wouldn't eat a metal as well. I do think it's interesting that Thor didn't turn into a gold statue...
  • @LexderMob @Sinfall Apparently, Kobolds have existed since before the Birth of Magic (or else, they were one of the first things made), due to their presence in Senate of Deadlantis Pt. 3, but they were still animalistic. The original Unforgotten Realms Lore (and what was mentioned in Okagnoma Guild Hall's BTS, if I remember right) was that Thor came to some Kobolds in a dream, and asked them to free him from the Dwarves in exchange for wishes. The Kobolds somehow saved Thor (in the original, they used a giant magnet, but I don't think it's known how they did it here), and they wished for more Kobolds (because all they could say was 'Kobold'). The OGH BTS also mentioned the Kobolds were still eating at Thor's Bronze prison to this day.

    Now, the Sandbolds say that they were created by Phanto to study time magic, but you also have to remember that Kobolds are notorious liars in URealms lore; my understanding was that the 4 'last' Sandbolds were lying about being Phanto's children because that's just what Kobolds do. Until we get concrete evidence of anything beyond them studying time magic and being killed by Maelstrom, just assume they're lying about their origins (and who knows if they were actually Eusocial or not, those 4 Sandbolds might not want to have kids of their own).
  • @friskyBrisky Don’t forget that sandbolds are a completely different race then that of the normal kobolds. The sanbolds were crested by Phanto. The kobolds, on the other hand, were created by Thor.
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    @friskyBrisky so there is No canon origin then as it was only talked about behind the scene, The fact Thor got turned to bronze points to the origin being the same or at lest similar, But until it we see their origin or get established in game its still up in the air then.
  • @Joshabesh I did take that into account, but I personally don't believe the Sandbold's story (it doesn't make much sense to me, especially when the only magic in the Realm when Phanto was alive was Light Magic). I just personally think the Sandbolds are lying about their own heritage to make themselves look impressive.

    @LexderMob Yes, pretty much. Just wait for the official lore to come out before jumping to any conclusion.
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    But jumping to conclusion is fun so that is what I'm going to do.

    I'm going to say that Kobolds weren't sentient until after The Lightbeards Campain. Going off our homework and Robs tendency to build off his past works I'm going to build a bit of a narrative to explain this.

    Thor was the celebrated God of the Dwarves until they learned the truths that he hid from them. After the Elves broke Thor's facade, the Dwarves gradually lost respect for him. When the Elves started celebrating a dwarf that he created with more fanfare and respect than they ever showed him it was the last straw and he broke. This is what Led him to attack Bruce. He was then petrified in bronze by Verandra and formed a new grudge on the Dwarves. He then sought out someway to escape his bronze prison. He observed how the kobolds, creatures that have been in the Realm since before the Sun Dragon Gods even appeared in the sky {I think that is right.}, ate stone and other minerals.  He crafted a plan that would satisfy both of his needs, a way to escape and get back at those turn-coat dwarves. With his Creation Magic, he gave the Kobolds sentience, those that were left out would eventually become known as Groundbolds. He then convinced them to chew him out of his prison, this did not go nearly as fast as he thought it would, with only his head being free in the modern day. He also convinced them that Dwarves were their mortal enemy. And so time moved on, and this is the reason for the dicey relations between Kobolds and Dwarves to this day.
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