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Coming Out

Not actually a meme this time, I'm coming out as Mtf. Did it during the last show bu I only think 3 people saw it because Wop Wop or some other meme happened.


  • Sorry for just posting hearts - Was tired last night.
    Cool~ thanks for being so brave! not that this changes too much c:
  • I guess not
  • I'm with you there, it's hard, but good on you for coming out!
    Trust me, it gets easier as you go, from one MtF to another.
    oh god that sounded terrible please don't hate me I need more trans friends
  • Congrats!! im happy for you! 
  • Much love your way, friend. I'm glad you feel comfortable enough with us all to be willing to come out.
  • @KaeawynShifter ; No problems I'm needing more trans friends too! Although your avatar makes a better "mtf" though.

    The weirdest part is the only people who don't seem to be okay with all this is my parents. Friends are fine with it, Managers have been fine with it. Parents are the only ones who are like "You can do whatever you want when you move out, but under our rules you can't do anything about it."
  • @RaHuHe Well that's certainly abusive. Hope you get to move out soon.
  • Btw, anybody else think my avatar looks Mtf?
  • @RaHuHe I think it works, although Feminine Sandbold I think works well for that too. A few others that work are Feminine Elf, Lola van Drych, Tania Grayson and Suzanna Sophia Sorrella
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