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The show hole group therapy room

So it finally happened. The credits have rolled on the season 3 finale and now we're stuck in the show hole.

This is a thread to reflect on your favorite moments from this season and potentially do a bit of speculation on season 4.

I know the show hole can be devastating and life without urealms is hard but it will only be a few short months until the next season kick off. Until then we are here for you.


  • My favorite part was getting my name mispronounced in the finale credits  :|
    A more serious answer is the purge animatic, specifically Vitali's part.
  • @Doggod100 to me that's the best cinematic. I watch that on repeat and it has never failed to give me chills.
  • At least there'll be deadrealms on the months between!
  • only november and maybe january? @Maris they said they'd be busy october and rob does christmas stuff in december but it's better than nothing

  • also the purge campaign as a whole was my favorite, the characters that came out of it were amazing and i hope we get to see more of them being actual characters, it'd be interesting to see what the mayor is getting up to when he isn't fighting in a night to remember.
  • Call me a shill. But if you guys really enjoy the "meta-story" aspect of URealms. Aww geeze, do I have a suggestion for you! "The Gunslinger" by Stephen King is basically the start, of the Dark Tower series. Which is itself. Uh. Similar, in themes, motifs, and #OnlyTricks to Urealms. It's a story of heartbreak, violence, and meta-garbage! It's all on audio books, that are "available." And personally, I think it's a story better read to you, than read yourself. As I have read the books several times and listened to them several more.

    So. If you need to binge large amounts of content. It's sort of similar. I liked it. I think Rob would appreciate it, if not enjoy it, if he had the time to read it.
  • purge and senate of deadlantis were the best in every category. yet lightbeards is still better for animations and story told.
  • I'm not sure yet but I think the lightbeards may have passed den of devil's for my new favorite campaign ever.
  • Wow I just watched the ending again on YouTube and, I fucking cried. I cried for Bruce and Virendra, I cried for Virgo, and I cried for Kallark and Gwyneth. I can definitely say that this is the best urealms campaign.
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