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  • @Rob Hmmm... Maybe there can be a third option during DDs, "Abstain"? If you choose this option, you will only get 1 ticket in the pool for "Abstain", regardless of your level
    What happens if it gets picked against the odds? Hell if I know.
  • I think the darkness makes the light shine more.
  • @Rob Damn... 
    I really enjoy the overall theme, this guilt makes the show so much more engaging for us. This last show just hit really hard, but I guess a finale has to have a big impact on us.
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    @Dall ;
    Honestly an abstain option would be more interesting if it couldn't get picked. You could see how many old gods no longer want to meddle with the realm. How many would fork over their vote, just to show how they feel. I'd almost liken it to the skull breakers, people who have given up, but still watch, or are too scared to stop watching.

    Ooooh, that would be super cool.
  • An abstain option is certainly interesting and would help with the "I don't want to bear the pain of choosing", but I am curious if it would actually work. Part of the interesting aspect of the current system, and the reason it will never realistically come to fruition, is that it would take -all- of the Old Gods to not vote in order to abstain. A very mystical event, but something that we'll never see.

    Lore-wise, would having no one vote actually be the correct solution? Reason being that there will always be one Old God that directs the story and ultimately decides: Rob. But I am sure that if it actually happened we can just say that no interference actually occured.

    Now, would there be a method that makes this more realistic to occur? I like the idea that you could have an option to vote "abstain", and it would only count as a single vote, compared to the 20+ votes that old-time viewers like myself get. Abstaining in this case would have to give no clues as to what would happen, otherwise it would just end up being another conscious choice. Also, there would probably have to be a reward if you're chosen with that one vote, a bit above just being given a fancy avatar. But that said, if you're abstaining from a drastic choice you probably don't care about whatever reward there is anyway.

    Anyway, that's just my ramblings, which kind of fit with the quote I was given in the credits: I might not actually ever want to win a DD!
  • @WayofTime
    If there was an abstain option, there would basically have to be effectively 3 options in every divine decision, so it would change things up a bit.
  • a abstaining option seem unnecessary to me, you could simply not vote rob can see how many comes to every stream, so he will most likely already know how many that dosent vote. so a abstain option seem like a unnecessary addition. 
  • Personally, the idea of consequences is fascinating, I managed to run the thoughts in my head about every choice so far, the outcomes each would hold, and from where the story would be told. Everything that I managed to look at and decide upon, has led the story though with the exception of one or two miss guesses, everything seems to been going to how I predicted it. It may just be because I spend way too much of my free time writing twist filled D&D adventures, regardless I do not regret any decision I have voted for at all. If the plot demands it, it shall be done.

    Abstaining is already an option, you do not have to vote on a DD, keep this in mind however that because of your inaction folks such as myself will have less resistance in deciding where the story leads.

    For anyone who still has this sense of Guilt, Just repeat to yourself
    "Its just a show, and I should really just relax."
    Yes I had my share of buzz kills with the endings after hours of jokes and fun, but the important thing is to keep looking forward because the story isn't over yet.

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    the benefit to a physical, actual vote-able Abstain option could be that the rest of the old gods could see the choices their kin are making. an old god who is unsure is much more likely to go with the majority vote, so if a thousand gods vote to abstain, and only two vote for either option, this hypothetical god would be inclined to also vote abstain to stay with the pack.

    whereas not voting at all is invisible, there is no incentive for anyone to follow the pack if they are unaware the pack exists.

    not really sure how i feel about the "abstain" idea myself. it'd be nice, but i feel like having three options rather then just two might make things more difficult for the crew. we don't even know if the divine decision system would be able to handle that sort of thing.

  • Well, if you "abstain" there is no difference between doing that and missing a DD.
    Right now, you do not show in any way that not voting was the intent.
    What is the point of making a statement no one will hear?

    ... or will they?
  • @TamTroll The system surely can handle more than two choices! We had 4 choices a few times. During the race, deadrealms and some other times
  • @Dall You are basically saying "Everyone else is using this power to kill thousands, why shouldn't I?!?"

    The point is you can't help yourself. Nader says this himself in the final cutscene. You have the power to do nothing, but you feel it's a waste to not use it. Power has corrupted you to a point where you know your choices will cause others harm and you didn't care because you rather vote for something in a show.
  • RIP the OLD MAN WILLAKERS vibes. I love the current story too though so I'm happy with it!
  • And even if resist and dont vote myself... Nothing will really change. Darn.
    Welp, I guess I will concede to the corruption and will continue clicking the blue options in hopes of there being less deaths and sufferings in them...
  • @Dall There are still more noble options provided for us. I mean we could have punished GB as one example.
  • @CaptainDeston ;
    yeah rob seemed so confused that we didn't, but really how do you punish the person that you were just told why they became who they are, it'll be interesting to see how it develops
  • One thing this show really does well is making you want to go back. It makes it seem like one choice is the best when actually you would want to choose the other one if you knew the consequences. I love it because it breaks my heart because I want to go back so bad and I just can’t.
  • What really got me, is when Nader said "Thor took the holy fire out of his lantern and gave it to the dwarves." That is some 10/10 mysticism in fantasy. That is a good line. It might be my favorite line of any literature ever, or at least in the top 5.

    But to reflect on OP's feelings. No, I don't really feel bad for anything that happens. The story isn't concise enough for me to feel bad about everything that has happened thus far. Sure we've done terrible things, and sometimes the characters are shitty people. And yes, I am careful to consider the impact of any divine decision we make. Because there is always a chance I am chosen.

    That said... I've read both the "Lord of the Rings" series. As well as "The Dark Tower" series. Both of those stories are very sad, brutally heart breaking at times. But I don't dwell on the tragedy that befell their characters. I look at the broad scope of these almost epics. And like URealms, they are wonderful. They cover the entire range of the human condition. Creation to Death. To feel bad about our influence on this semi-collaborative story, I think, is to miss the point entirely. Or maybe, to do so is to miss the unique beauty of this strange and novel method of storytelling?
  • @Shane

    i don't know about the rest of you, but my logic for voting to spare Ghostblade was that 30+ years of vegetation, Plus the mutilation at the hands of quintara lotus, the death of her mother, the rejection of her other mother, and what basically amounts to imprisonment while vegetated, seems like punishment enough.

    Yes GhostBlade did bad things, but even the Elves try to redeem their criminals in the silver mines. And if given a second chance, He could prove to be a valuable force for good in the world, he has the dagger that can kill Divines after all, he just might be the key to putting down Maelstrom for good.
  • @TamTroll ;
    To b fair I voted to spare him because I just didn't want a forced final sin. It just felt a bit unnatural for the fate worse than death thing for me. I always thought of it as that fate that should be randomly reserved for the unlucky souls who perished.
  • Currently, I feel no guilt for the outcomes of the DDs.
    because I haven’t been allowed to make a choice.
    and I’ve made the choices I would like to see, and would not feel guilt even if chosen.
    And while we are ‘greater’ than the fiction, the glory of the show is that it isn’t ‘just a show’, we’ve all made it our own, and the characters here are real, the stories are true.
    remember, being true has nothing to do with being real, and being fictional doesn’t stop you from being real.
    I do feel responsible for the deaths of our characters, but I do not feel guilt, guilt isn’t for warriors, and writers are the warriors of the fiction.
  • I had no feelings of remorse or sadness 
  • I've always toyed with the idea that our lives is just a show/game/simulation or such, and URealms is an interesting take on it. Because if the idea that we're just part of a simulation is true, then we're no more real than the characters in URealms. Maybe my theoretical "Super Real world" self would feel far more remorse for the URealms characters once he wakes up from the theoretical simulation? But that's all just theory. The I that lives in this world don't feel guilty for the actions I've done to URealms.
  • Does living in a simulation make your conditions and experiences any less real if that is the only place you can exist in and interact with? @Sonderp
  • I don’t feel very guilty, I may have at the time but my decisions usually weren’t the ones picked so I suppose I can feel less guilty about that haha, even though I voted Lance in the first DD I like where Gwyneth’s story is going (my reason for picking Lance is because I felt Gwyneth already had so much to do and we barely saw any of Lance but this turned out not to matter because he got his own story).

    The only one I feel guilty about is the The Purge one, I chose Lance because I wanted a party wipe lol. 

    I like the direction every decision has went except the visions one. I wish visions always showed the truth so things could me more concrete in timelines/lore etc. but it doesn’t matter much.
  • @Mega_muncher ;
    By technicality Lance won, but it was Justin who was chosen. But I like the ironic story of Lance now even though it's not story my inner fanboy faved about.
  • Until we know for sure, no @Noubi. I'm not gonna treat fictional characters with the same thoughts and respect as if they were people. But I can imagine that if (when I die) I wake up from a simulation in the style of the arcade game Rick and Morty played, I would feel regret for doing horrible roleplay things in games, since the characters in those games turned out to be as real as my friends and family. Though the horror of realizing that the people I love weren't real in the first place would probably hurt more and hit first.
  • URealms is a strange one for me... I usually empathise a lot with a character's situation and will feel good or bad depending on the outcome of the story... But, with URealms I get a bit muddled since it is literally part of the story and world that the character's aren't real in any sense and are instead puppets for the players to occupy... so I don't really know how to feel... it seems strange to care about 'someone' who is intended to be seen as imaginary and is not supposed to be thought of as being real as in most fictional works...
  • @F00lHardyOwl The fact everything isn't real in the Urealms universe doesn't make a very big difference for me- the writing and storytelling are still done very well and the meta thing is just a side-note for me. I still empathise with characters, good or bad, still feel guilt over things we did or feel good (yet to come from DDs though), and still dive deep into every show because the writing and storytelling.
  • @Sgigi Don't get me wrong, I love Rob's way of telling stories as well and I generally empathise a lot during the show, especially if the meta side isn't mentioned. I suppose my problem is that I usually completely immerse myself in a story, sometimes as a form of escapism, and whenever the meta side comes up it pretty much throws me out of that state. It's also a bit to do with how my brain works, I generally like to go back over things afterwards, think about things and justify them but the meta side kind of throws a spanner in the works. Partly because it's always in the back of my mind that the characters are 'fake' and also it makes certain storylines very confusing (for example, Maelstrom and Galen) when they acknowledge the meta. I mean, in 'The Sandbolds' we have Maelstrom saying to the other characters that they only exist when the Old Gods play them, that everything they say is really just the Old Gods but at the same time Maelstrom is being spoken through by Rob and doesn't exist himself, thinking about it deeply just leads you down a rabbit hole of confusion. 
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