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Creating a URealms campaign (NOW CLOSED)

I have been looking to get a group to start a campaign i am not a very good GM so we would need that and it would have to be on a Saturday and character creation could be on Friday (just like rawbs Urealms) if you would like to contact me you can do through discord (#5330)


  • WELL THAN. I've got saturday off. I've been meaning to play a game. But I don't know what discord is, or rather. How to reach out to you specifically. But if you need players, I'm interested!
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    I'd be more than happy to join although I'll have to know when we're all free.
    I can do past 16:15 (BST) since that'll at least give me an hour when I get home to do stuff.
    (Edit): Or just google "Time in UK"
  • I have been wanting to get back into Urealms now that I am accustomed to college. I am free Saturdays and Fridays I am free after 3:30 pm EST.
  • To all who are interested it wont be this weekend but around 4:00 CST on Fridays and Saturdays will be fine
  • You gave us the # but what is your username @logan825 ;
  • Hmm, you pose an interesting offer, I could probably make Friday. I don't check forms often though so hit me up on discord If you need to discuss scheduling and junk. I'm Nicksternick #3444
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