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Story Time! How did YOU get into URealms.



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    i used to watch a lot of minecraft video's( still watch etho :)) , so i came in contact of the minecrack video's. because they did video's with rob, i came in contact with rob. then some point i subscribe to rob YouTube channel because i loved the DvZ video's and the garry mod video's. So when the first  Urealms video on YouTube came, i fell in love with the random humor and roll playing of urealms show.  :)
  • from crendor im pretty sure. watched alot of his LP type stuff. when nuren came out i fucking loved it so much and just kept watching this. didnt know it would be such a big thing.
  • @Joshabesh Oh, sorry I didn't see your message, I haven't been on the forums in a while. I got the name from a D&D character I played in college. He was a very theatrical sorcerer, so I named him after Siegfried of the magician duo, Siegfried and Roy
  • Watched the old Urealms show around just a few episodes before it ended
  • I loved DvZ, but had no interest in watching Unforgotten Realms Live when Rob had mentioned it. The night of Band of Thieves, though, I found myself really bored so I tuned in right after the first encounter, when they were working on curing rabies. I instantly loved it.
  • Been following Rob for years:
    I watched Rob's flash stuff on Newgrounds
    Watched the WoW machinima on Youtube
    Played with him a couple of times on TF2 when he was really into that (Steam Group 1 and Group 2)
    Joined his original RP WoW Guild - Legendary Sisters
    Listened to his Legendary Heroes Podcast with Johnny Voruz
    Played on his Dark Age of Camelot Guild - Son's of Thor
    I was active on both of the previous forums
    Watched the remake of Unforgotten realms
    Watched his DvZ, HC Minecraft and other series on minecraft
    His Pokémon playthroughs
    Lord of Minecraft
    then the Urealms Tabletop game

    I went through most of the my teenage years watching Rob's creations, I wasn't able to donate anything growing up; which I regret.
  • My first youtuber I watched was Vintage beef, then pause when I found he was a lot funnier. I eventualy found the DVZ stuff and found rawb and pause had a really good dynamic and was hooked on their stuff. I watched every single bit of rawbs content and all of pauses with rawb, This was a time when I was getting bored of normal tv shows because they didnt make me laugh, but with rawb he made my day every upload. after a while I saw the nuren campaign and was like "DND like game boring. then I watched and love all table top roleplay games now. I have seen every single urealms stream either live or the vod the next day (I watched the entire thing on that second day.) on campaign 4 or 5 I found Ur two player and unforgotten and hooooooo boy where they old but still golden. funny thing was I watched The original UR before I even new who rawb was I just saw it once watched an episode then forgot to watch more. and here we are now, this being hands down the best show I have ever watched in terms of how much love the fans and the creators put in. The community is also amazing, you guys are the best because the fans, rawb, deadbones, haunter, coe, Justin, megan, roamin, pause, spiff, nisivon. nick, milbee, sixelona, Lily, and anyone im missing all work together to make the show that has made me so happy. sorry for the rant but um thats my story
  • it actually took me awhile to get into URealms, i remember seeing the first few campaigns come out and just brushing them off as another thing i wasn't really interested in.

    eventually though i started DMing a pathfinder game myself, and started pulling all-nighters to make maps on roll20. i needed something to pass the time, so i decided to give this URealms thing a shot.

    been hooked ever since.
  •  I played DvZ on Bruce’s Gym once or twice, but I was never any good nor did I really watch Rob’s streams. I got into Vech’s stuff & some other of his friends, & I eventually found PKMNRob, & I watched all of his streams. The first time I watched BruceWillakers was during one of his GMod series. I’ve been here ever since.
  •    So, I discovered Rob’s stuff way back in the day with the original Unforgotten Realms animation. Not the remake/reboot that happened later. back in the day I was messing around at school on the computer with some buddies and we'd show each other videos or animations. Unforgotten realms was one of them I found in this process. Over the years I struggled to find robs content, due me being young and not finding his stuff newgrounds for a while, but every so often I’d rediscover his stuff. Like the remake of unforgotten realms or when unforgotten realms moved to escapist. I managed to keep tabs on his content through his old website and eventually found his BruceWillakers YouTube channel. One of my favorite things to do over the years is to share his content with my friends and I think that may have to do with how I originally found Unforgotten Realms. Favorite joke still has to be the wolf speak bit from the original animation. Also, thanks for all the GMing tips Rawb!
  • I saw the Unforgotten Realms reboot back in the day, and had no idea that it was Rob that made it. Then, I used to watch a lot of Mindcrack and I saw a video of DvZ on Etho's channel.

    I watched the video, and got hooked instantly. The rest is history (and I did eventually find out that Rob created the Unforgotten Realms cartoon)
  • Watched the old stuff on Newgrounds and Escapist, and would quote it all the time. Had a friend who was really into Mindcrack/DvZ who'd quote similar stuff. She was watching this and one day I made a "kobolllllld" reference, she said "wait, you said you didn't watch that," and it finally clicked we were talking about the same show- until it turned out we really weren't and I was hooked.
  • I looked up Jimmy the World of Warcraft Story again, and saw a Urealms campaign in the recomended. I didn't stay with Rawb throughout the years but I can proudly say I watched that WoW vid back when it had less than 100 views.
  • The old DvZ livestreams got me into it and I’ve been around ever since
  • "Oh what is this? Mindcrack youtubers I am subbed to are spamming the same video..."
    "Hmmm, what is this? Looks interesting"
    "Who is the main guy here?"
    "Oh, this one"
    4 years later, THERE I AM
  • Just recently got my brother into it and he used to be a DvZ fan.
  • I first found out about Lords of Minecraft from one of the Minecraft youtubers I watched, I think it was Etho. From him I found Roamin's channel first, then started watching most everyone else's videos as well, including Rob of course. Then I watched the animation of the Nuren Campaign, and became very interested from their, and this was when the first campaign had finished. From there I've watched almost every campaign I could live. 
  • I've always been a fan of the Unforgotten Realm; watched the Newgrounds Cartoons, listened to the Podcasts (both the Legendary Heroes and Grr Show), watched the official Escapist Series, and was a part of the old Forum. I stopped watching Rob when he went from Unforgotten Realms related things to LP things. Fortunately for me, I stumbled upon the Nuren Campaign right before URealms Live launched, and I've been refollowing Rob ever since.
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