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{Spoilers} OGD Idea: Weakness

 After thinking (and a discussion on a previous forum thread), I understand the importance and value of the creation of the OGD. I do however realize that our divine will cause chaos no matter what as


Nader said at the end of the Lightbeards that, "It is the power itself that corrupts." 
Knowing this, why would a benevolent divine be any different than any other character. Would Rob not corrupt the divine and use it to bring chaos to the realm.

Not creating a divine would be the best course of action, but this display of mass apathy would be impossible. 

The next best thing would be to create the weakest divine possible, so there is one less character for Rob to corrupt and use to cause chaos within the realm.


  • Or we could build a divine with a (or a few) weakness so other characters could learn it and could defeat them should the divine go rouge and get out of our control.
  • We could give it weaknesses, and then tell the order of chaos, so that we could control it through them.
  • i think people might be overestimating just how much control we have over it's creation.

    and i'm pretty sure the order of chaos is evil. we don't want them to have another god in their hands.
  • If the divine should have weakness(es), I think there's one weakness we can all agree to put on it... a weakness to puppies! Whenever a puppy is involved in a combat, the divine will lose its will to fight the battle and only focus on protecting the puppy.
  • hmmmmmmm @Particleboy04 would you vote for the supreme walrus if we gave him/her weaknesses?
  • Depending on how much control we get, If we make sursurmar his weakness, then only an old god could cause his weakness to be recovered.
  • if we give it a weakness and have it be benevolent than they would be murdered through fear corrupting who ever slays it because we gave the power of killing a divine by giving it a special weakness. Its a catch-22
  • When Making the OGD all possibilities lead to chaos and we cannot simply "not make an OGD" as it takes only one person to create it by voting when everyone eals chooses not to so we should create a fun character that will make a good story as in the end the best thing we can do for Urealms characters is to make it more entertaining so they all don't disappear that's why I want the old god divine to be a tophat and tuxedo wearing walrus that will unite all the walruses
  • so anyone want to join the peoples democratic republic of walrusland?
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