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If you won the next Divine decision, what would you post in the Order of Chaos forum?



  • @bl1ndn3rd I read that as I would probably just fuck Galen. Quite frankly I like my reading better.
  • @Umlaut ;
    if that is an option that's what I'm doing.
    "So you just won the DD, what do you-"
  • @bl1ndn3rd the closest we could get is telling Gallen that his world will be destroyed if he doesn't do the most sexual thing he can get away with. I would pay a (metaphorical) arm and leg to see the full scene with Quintara.
  • I think I would tell the people of the realms to “burn burn, burn the children, burn the parents, melt the bones and praise the flames” 
    i basically want to create fire cult
  • ASCII art, but the symbols are replaced with words related to the characters I talk to. Just to push boundaries a lil bit.
  • @Sweatingdwarf123They weren't trying to resurrect the Beenu, they were trying to resurrect Phanto.
  • Speaking of Phanto. If I ever win a Divine Decision, that’d probably be the first entity I try to talk too. It’d be interesting to see if he responds or not. 
  • I feel that if I were to win the next Divine Decision I would first find the smartest character I could talk to. I would then present detailed scientific articles to them, showing our discoveries and try to point them towards building advanced technologies. The type of technology I would show would depend on who I was talking to, but imagine describing the intricate workings of firearms and how to fabricate them to Nisovin, who already has a working firearm with him. It would increase his understanding of the rifle, and may lead him to try to gather more such artifacts.
  • If I was picked for a divine decision, I would probably give Nader a fairy tale from our world for every story he tells us in Nader's Unforgotten Tales.
  • Im still keeping my promise
  • @flamingrubys it would get removed unfortunately :( But its probably for the best, the order of chaos forum can be seen by urealms characters so we have to be on our best behaviour. Something that could work however is a thread that explains old god culture, and you could probably find a roundabout way of slipping in a meme or two.
  • @flamingrubys ;
    Actually a while back I did exactly that where I posted that image with no text, but Rob took it down, I guess you must have missed it when it happened.
  • @Caprikel
    the ed edd and eddy one?
  • Personally, i would tell them of the others who can hear us, i.e tell Maelstrom that Galen Sunsword can hear us and Vice Versa, Just to see how they would react to each other
  • I would probably feed Galen information. See how he develops and maybe he can seek a redemption for himself and the light.
  • I think I would tell Galen to try and claim the eternal flame as his from Gwen. Not only would this just be plain evil, but it would also mirror thor giving up the flame and trying to take it back. Then who knows, Kallark for dragon? If we're continuing with the mirroring theme
  • @Murlin22
    Yes, the Ed, Edd and Edy one.
  •  I wonder how characters would react if we posted historical documents from our world to the thread. Say, if we posted the Constitution of the United States, would people attempt to create a government based off of it?
  • Telling Galen the only way to save his sister from the Grand paladin thingy is to start calling everyone daddy
  • I would apologise for messing with their world and encourage them to ignore us and live their lives.

  • I would tell Maelstrom to go recover Susurflame from the den of devils. I think that could be very useful for the order.
  • I've been noticing a severe lack of discussion on the OOC forum these days :| >:) I get that we've probably repurposed it by now, but I still think it'd be cool to propose a discussion topic for the DD-winning old boys--perhaps even one related to the Order's implications ~_~
  • @EveryCarpet ;
    That's actually pretty interesting. I think that'd be a neat idea.
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