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Campaign Thread: The Lightbeards



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    Absolutely phenomenal campaign, great way to end a great season. You can really feel all the passion put into every aspect of this show. @Crimson_Grove Yeah this is what I immediately started thinking about after the end. I personally think that because Bruce had the eternal flame, Quintara considered and treated him as if he was her brother Ouro'ras. To me, the look on Quintara's face at the end of The Last Beenu seems to indicate grief and rage at the death of someone like a close friend or family member. It'll be interesting to see what Rob does with this though. 
    Edit: Rewatched the Sanbolds, and Quintara says that Ghostblade killed her brother, which seemingly backs up this theory.
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    Amazing job, glad I was able to take today off from work to watch it live.  Loved the animations at the end, and how the gut punching consequences were revealed.  These finales always suck though because they make me want more of these stories to watch, and I know it'll be some months before the next URL campaign happens.   :(
  • This is the first campaign I donated for! Kinda sad that I missed the cutoff point for being in the credits. (set my mind on 100% donating but decided to do it only live... for some reason)
  • Was a very fun to watch campaign that is for sure. Great end to the season
  • @Dolfinmaster Go watch the Sunswords campaign's final act and watch what happens to poor Lance. It will be spelled out in the future, but I have seen people already figure it out.
  • @Harkmagic I saw a similar comment from you in another thread. Did you try just crying? If you have pent up emotions at the campaign and are holding back tears, go somewhere you can be alone and just let em out man. I dunno, it's a very enjoyable pain for me. It's a hurtful scene, but it's not real. This is still a show. Nobody is really hurting and feeling empathy for others suffering is a GREAT part of you to develop. Lets you more easily understand and connect with others. I'm sorry these campaigns are hitting you hard, like I said stick with Deadrealms because it will get worse.
  • @Rob Wait, sunswords or purge?
  • @Cloud I can’t wait for the updated mod, even in this campaign it was clear that @Sixelona @Meganzoor and @Irishxlily ; (or anther artist I am unaware of) redrew lots of enemy tiles and they looked great! If this is the quality that we can expect in the updated mod then I am insanely hyped to GM more campaigns for my friends. 
  • @Rob As I said in the other thread, I intend to spell out my feelings concerning season 3 in quite a bit of detail if I can ever find the time to put it all together.

    If you just want the really short version of what could make the show better. Tone it back a bit, I love seasons 1 and 2, and toss in those darker moments earlier the campaign. I liked the Benu Genocide and it's hard to get darker than that. It worked because we moved on and got back to the fun humor stuff.

    An important part of your show is that it serves as a bit of escapism, and it is undermined greatly by ending by slamming some harsh reality in the fan's face.
  • @Harkmagic Escapism does not necessarily have to be something positive. Many critics have acclaimed purely dystopian works as escapist, not for any sort of happy ending but for their realistic world-building and storytelling, and compared to A Clockwork Orange, Brave New World and 1984 URealms is a happy go lucky romp. In my personal opinion Rawbs 90% Goofs 10% Story is very effective in its goal of giving lore/story junkies such as myself what we so desperately crave as well as giving viewers who love the humor and jokes hours upon hours of hilarity. But hey, that is just my two cents on the matter.
  • This campaign was phenomenal. The humor was brilliant (and rather clean, too - I know this is an adult show but sometimes the humor gets excessively mature for my liking but I absolutely loved the level they had it at for this one), the characters were wonderful, the story was compelling, and those cut scenes were amazing. I really enjoy the tragic endings that are a product of our own ignorance in earlier campaigns - it's very engaging. I do find it a tad unfitting that Bruce died eating rather than in battle, but assuming we learn more about Bruce's life between Virendra's death and that moment, I'm sure I can make peace with it. Bravo to everyone on the team.
  • I finally finished watching the VOD.

    What a fantastic campaign, and a fantastic Season Finale! Roamin was 100% top notch, and the lore turns at the end were phenomenal.
  • This was a fantastic finally exceeded my expectations. Fantastic job on the campaign, animation, story, art, and everything can wait to see what else yall have planed.    
  • @Rob You obviously arent going to say yes or no to this but: S3C4 Episode 9 39:14 "I had a friend and he told me all about what happened to your poor poor father, and how he died." - Bopen to Lance. From that I gather, Douglass and Bopen are somehow connected, and that could open the theory that Nader is Bopen, as he talked about his rebirth, not birth, and how Douglass was always saying "Dont worry, nothing bad will ever happen to Lance." Unless thats the joke, then i dont remember DvZ lore as well as I should considering how much i played it back in the day lol.
  • @Dolfinmaster The current theory (which seems to have some backing from Rob, but I might be misinterpreting, so forgive me if I did) is that the Sword, possessed by Bruce's dead Dragon Wife, is Bopen; the Skeleton itself isn't an Immortal Divine, but his sword is, and is just using Bopen as a way to wage her war against the Light. And considering everything we know about Bopen (plus Rob's comments on it, that again I may be misinterpreting), I actually believe this theory might be true.
  • @Harkmagic Because the emotional draining is part of what makes the show so great
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    How does that point To bopen haveing an connection to Douglas? And what does that have to do with a bopen = Nader theory? You need to connect a few more dots here.
    if you say bopen has a connection to Douglas because bopen had a friend that told him about Bruce’s death. Wouldn’t it make more sense for clott to be the one to tell bopen about Bruce’s death because he was fan boying to ghostblade about his dwarven king kill, or even better ghostblade him/her self. @Dolfinmaster ;
  • I got a mention! 
  • DVZ joke could be something to do with Bruce, now as Gwenyth (if the previous grand paladin taking over the new one's body is literal) killing an ageless Lance in the future?
  • Rip Bruce, this was a great show!
  • Me, after the show: "I liked it, but it wasn't actually that lore heavy after all, since it was all stuff mentioned in earlier episodes."
    Me, after a few hours to consider it: "No, but it was lore-rearranging in the most devastating ways and they're gonna have to catch up with a lot of it now which can only be great."
  • I have to say, Roamin needs to play Douglass at least one more time, definitely the highlight of the campaign. (Though the plot armor was a little annoying)
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    After sitting on my brain and organizing my head I have left the campaign strangely unsatisfied and I'm not quite sure why because I think it was good and arranged lore which is very nice but somehow empty feeling compared to the the last two seasons ends or even some of the random ones in between but meh just ny random thoughts still was good because all the animation was very nice 
  • It seems like the most important revelation of the campaign was delivered in the opening cinematic, which feels strange after the fact.
  • @Dolfinmaster ;
    Yeah i was really expecting that cutscene to be spiff turning into a bow and that being the DvZ joke but really it's kind of hard for me to pinpoint it in my head
  • This has to be my favorite group of player character for a campaign that i can think of, really enjoyed this campaign.
  •  This season finale was excellent! I absolutely loved the show. I know the cast might disagree, but the only qualm I had w/the show was that it felt a bit short. I would’ve loved to see more of this campaign, as it was just so much fun. This was an excellent finale.
  • Damn Rob that was an amazing end to a fantastic season. Thanks to all everyone who put in the effort to make URealms what it is. The only sad part is now I have to wait for season 4. 
  • @EveryCarpet

    The length was most likely due to the non-existent first combat, but I'm happy it was so short as I could see all of it now
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    I was really happy with this campaign. I especially liked how the assassinated dwarven king turned out to be Bruce.
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