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*OGD Plan* The Hand

Hello fellow old gods 
For far too long we have been spectators in this world. Always watching, never know knowing the result of our decisions. 
We are blind and powerless
This changes now.
The Old God Divine will be made soon and i have a plan.
We need a loyal servant. one who will obey us without question. we need a Hand in this world.
One that can act on our behalf
A pawn that we can move on our own terms.

But i can not do this alone I require help.
Your help.
The more we are the better chance we have at creating this servant.
Let us combine our power and officially form: The Hand

We may be blind,
But our Hands can still act.



  • And what is your suggestion regarding this hand?

    Personally I feel as though if we choose a porc or a kobold then we could make them rally other porcs or kobolds to form an army to do our biding.
  • @Awesomea;
    Very true
    Perhaps a porc could easier to control then a kobold. 
    Plus all he would need to create an army is a few pigs.
    But i am open to other augments on this matter.

    also, if you or other new members have any other questions on this new cabal of ours feel free to share.

  • If you are viewing  this message and wish to join, please, let your presences be known by typing our mantras in this discussion:

    We may be blind,
    But our Hands can still act.

  • I lean towards a porc as well. His divine nature will help him ascend to the rank of porbo rather quickly. Porcs follow strength so we could have an army in no time at all.
  • @Willsg98 Wjat is the point of the hand good or evil?
  • @War_master_9 what defines good and evil?
  • @Awesomeagle23 Are we trying to destroy and plunge it into further chaos or fix the past mistakes that we have unfortunately bestowed upon this world and fix the mistakes of those who have wronged the world by the players and rawb?
  • @War_master_9 ;
    Its really not about good or evil.
    Its simply about having a presence in urealms that we can control.

    Choosing our alignment will be a later stage in the plan. 
  • @Willsg98 I'm not quite sure if i want to join 
  • I think that our hand should be and "lesser race". a race that is less liked, and we could completely change the hierarchy of the realm something i am interested in doing.
  • @evik123
    and by lesser race what do you have in mind?
  • @War_master_9 I would lean towards fixing some of the problems but we could also exact vengeance against those who oppose us.
  • so what exactly is the "plan"?

    all i see is a name.
  • edited September 2018
    The plan has several stage

    First, we must create our servant.

    Then, we establish a agenda for said servant to execute. 

    And most importantly, we must communicate this agenda to him through The Order of Chaos. 

  • edited September 2018
    After this, well...

    We will see what the future holds for us.
  • @Willsg98 I think you need a better plan b4 you head into this like come up with some goals
  • edited September 2018
    Yes i know the plan seem simple at first.

    But this allows us to make decisions based on new information more easily.

    It allows us to be more flexible and less dependent on blind guesses and speculation.

    Our main goal is to have a more active role in the realm and become a little bit less blind when making divine decisions.
  • @Willsg98

    i fail to see how that is any different then what we'd do normally.
  • @TamTroll
    Normally we do not have direct control over the characters 

    However with this new divine we could tell him what to do and he would do it.  

    Direct control in the realm, That, is our goal. 
  • I don't think this is the greatest idea the sinned old gods already have enough power as it is and if this kind of character Is made the sinned old gods will use there ability to talk to the characters to much and will make the sinned characters slaves I think are best bet is to make an entertaining and chaotic character that will do the job of making us laugh wile changing the story to make it more unpredictable 
  • edited September 2018
    Better yet, we could create a Beenu, and use this as an opportunity to bring them back. A race lead by someone under our control.
  • we need Za Hando? its an alright stand I guess, would be better if Okuyasu wasn't the owner.
  • @Revoltman We should not focus on making it more chaotic we should try to fix our past mistakes

  • (also we should make the divine a gnome because 1. he/she can fit into most situations 2. I find it amusing that a god made by the old gods themselves is tiny) 
  • edited September 2018
    ehhh rawb is just gonna make the Devine make everything worse somehow @War_master_9 ;
  • I think we could create an ageless, one to challenge bopens foothold (as much as I love the guy  >_< ) With the ageless rapidly militarizing and being experts at operating from the shadows and hiding in plain sight I feel that they would be an irrefutable asset to our agenda whatever it ends up being. My other idea is a Goblin, Ogre, Forn, Shellmind or like @Cloud said a Beenu. if for no other reason than to possibly get them as a playable race in the basegame  :)  
  • We need a Goblin, rally the Goblins, Hobgoblins, and Gobolfs together tell them that their unfair treatment can come to an end if they just listen to our god, build armies, attack
  • @Hunter that sounds like a good idea it might be fun to have two ageless gods competing with another 
  • @Revoltman
    Ok putting the whole (shadow organisation bit)  aside here 

    what i want to do is to make a group that comes together and makes a single plan as to what they want for this show   
    to just heavily tilt the scales in one direction.

    ps. the (shadow cult) bit is just fun    

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