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#spoilers about best boi

Clearly, all we need is a DD winner to post in the Sins Forums that Galen needs to go to the spot Wap Wap died in and cast Greater Lay on Hands.


  • oh god don't say Wap Wap, I'm sad we couldn't bring him back. And yet at the same time im happy (cause death should mean death, no comebacks) ... GAH im conflicted lol
  • He's in the Deadrealms now and in a lot of ways, isn't that better for him? Seems like a better afterlife.
  • @ShadowPoow
    Besides, Greater Lay on Hands wouldn't work. The body of Wop-Wop has been dead for a long time, and the spell needs the person to be recently deceased
  • Omg @Rob I totally forgot that deadrealms is the afterlife...YAS WAP WAP HYPE HAS BEGUN! (I swear to god if you guys kill him in deadrealms lol)

  • Haha, suppose you're right @Rob
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