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Spoilers: The Light of the Realm

Link to recording:
I want to start by saying a huge thankyou to Rob and the team for another awesome season of urealms and to all you wonderful people who donate to make this amazing show keep happening you guys all rock. As I don't have a disposable income as of yet (poor student). After taking an hour to calm down and reliving the campaign with my flat mates I decided I would write what I believe Bruces final words to Lance might be after the events of the campaign as the smallest of thank yous for everyone's part in what was an amazing show. Thanks guys hyped for Season 4 :) 

The Light of the Realm 

None can be braver than a dwarven king
A caring soul, sleeping child hear me sing
Listen not to the tales of times ahead
Instead be strong while your old man puts you to bed
While I lit the realm for all to have their life
I assure you. You were my light... Both you and my wife

There are those who would ask are we real
If a character I truly am then why would I feel
As I fight now that which once stood by me
If hope is all we have then I hope what you saw is what you wanted to see
The rocks fall now like the parts of who I am
I carry with me what is left, the new me, a different man...

You are a dwarf so this is your shrine 
As I say this to you one last time
While we may have too soon parted ways 
And for me now it feels like the end of days 
Stay strong always for those by your side
You don't know who's watching, you don't know who you guide


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