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[SPOILERS FOR FINALE] Crazy Order of Chaos Possibilities

So when Rob came to chat with us briefly during the credits he mentioned if Dragon was chosen for the last Divine Decision then Ghostblade would become a dragon and this got me thinking. There is already one dragon in the Order, Maelstrom, and we know they are slowly growing in ranks. What if they are trying to build a new pantheon of Dragon Aspects to usurp the position of gods of the realm.

We could potentially see a 6 v 6 fight of Dragon Aspects in the future. Or maybe 5 v 6 as I suspect Ouro'ras died when they tried to resurrect Phanto.


  • Hmm, Maelstrom is supposedly a Dragon capable of what Phanto and Calisto are capable, so he should theoretically be able to create Dragon Aspects at some point.
  • It would be a rather facinating idea to see all those with the Sins to eventually become Dragons.  THough i am curious as to how Blight's DD will effect Norokoh and the rest of the O.O.C
  • What exactly was chosen by blight? I'm confused as to whether Ghostblade is going to be a dragon or if he's created by the old gods.
  • @Awesomeagle23 he wasnt a dragon, bruce wouldve been killed by a dragon so ghostblade was creatde by the old gods..
    i think
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    @Awesomeagle23 The implication is that Blight chose for Bruce to be killed by an Old God creation, and we essentially created Ghostblade thanks to donation events and Divine Decisions.  So Ghostblade's existence is the result of Old God choices.
  • Indeed, Norokoh was literilly created by us, We were the ones that promised Lyn a child with the visions, we were the ones who decided that not all visions are true, and as such Lyn was given a Beenu child.  Norokoh was created by the old gods, and has had the hand of the old gods guiding her entire life,  Even now she has the hand of an Old God attempting to guide her onto the proper path where she needs to go.
  • @Sorenthaz that makes sense, somehow I didn't get that. Also thank God Ghostblade isn't a dragon as cool as that would be.
  • Yes, the choice was for the old god creation. The trick however was that Ghostblade being the killer was already determined before the Divine Decision. Therefore, had the choice fallen on the dragon option, this would have led to Ghostblade becoming a dragon in the future.
  • @Shadowdancerbob Dont forget we spare her the fate worse than death in another Devine decision. Yet another way we made this character. 
  • @Dancorps13 ; Oh trust me mate, i haven't forgotten that fact.  I'm the one that made the  decision that saved her.
  • @Shadowdancerbob man, they should really work on those custom frames for people who won the DDs.... Um... Awkward!
  • @Dall six has alot of work to do making the animations for every campaign and drawing the characters of every campaign as well. Now that the season is over I'm sure they'll get around to doing a lot more of them.
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