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#spoilers OGD plan

Okay. here's my plan.

Once we get the old god divine creation, we should all work together to recreate Wop Wop. He will be the goodest boi and the goodest divine.


  • I´d be happy if we just do something good for once in that world.

    So sure lets do a puppy but a good one with accountability.

  • I’m afraid to say that I will be working alone in an attempt to bring my own creation into another world, it will very likely fail but if it succeeds I will be fulfilled 
  • i have a different plan 
    what need is a loyal servant. Someone who serves us without question.
    A well trained hound if you will..
    Someone to act as our hand in this world.
  • You can't make a god that resembles Wop Wop, because Wop Wop is already god tier
  • @Sgigi
    Good, we will need as many people as we can with us to bring this plan to life 

    Also we may need someone who can access The Order of Chaos to give our new servant orders to carry out.
  • edited September 2018
    Join The Hand my friends
    Only together will this plan become become true.

    We may be blind,
    But our Hands can still act.

  • I feel like if we tried to recreate/revive Wop Wop and turn him into an Old God/Divine/Whatever then it's going to go oh so horribly wrong.  
  • We need to band together and make a benevolent divine who tries to undo the wrongs we did onto this realm
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