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[SPOILERS] Virendra Thread

Just a thread about Virendra's fate in general. Her death was probably the saddest death for me due to the tragedy of her just wanting to save Bruce, and then ending up being killed by Bruce and Virgo. 
Though maybe she was absorbed into the sword and still alive?
It's doubtful, but would be interesting.


  • she mightve just reverted to her dwarf form but since thats so small it was off camera
  • is Virendra really dead, she just faded away. from the end of LAG, we know rawb can be tricky about some of these things. she may even be the dragon in DoD, she isn't confirmed dead

    also we didn't ever get to hear the story of lance's bow. did it come from Virendra or is it something else entirely.

  • @kreeperkiller63
    That would be interesting if she ended up becoming that dragon, though Rob would need a reason for why she didn't end up regaining her mind like Maelstrom did.
  • But here’s the thing absolute power corrupts absolutely 
  • If we're taking DvZ lore in context, her spirit probably didn't fade away yet and will be reincarnated as Bruce's bow.
  • @Caprikel ;
    Maelstrom was like Douglas though, a character with all sorts of meta knowledge, so it may work differently for him. I could see Maelstrom having an easier time regaining control than Virendra.
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    We didn't really see her die, so chances are she'll pop up in a future campaign.

    To me it looked like she just magically warped away or something.
  • @Caprikel the Dragon in DoD didnt do anything to indicate it not being sentient. It just woke up and flew away.
  • Also I just realized that Virendra would have probably regained her mind eventually, and could have returned to a normal life, but Bruce and Virgo of course had no way of knowing that.
  • @Caprikel What happened to the susurflame after the campaigns of "Unexpected Discovery" and "Den of Devils"?
  • There is also the question of how the whelplings got into the Den, since as it was closed off the only way they could get there would be if Vlaurunga came or they are somehow related to Virendra
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