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Just need say something

Just feel like I need to take this off my heart, the animation in this campaign really hit me hard.
Even though I never donated for anything and never directly affected something in the show I am feeling an actual burden on my shoulders from the consequences of DDs and such. I need to know if more people are feeling this weight or should I take this a bit less seriously. Thanks in advance, and sorry if I'm a bit of a cry-baby and this is actually normal for most people watching this show.


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    I'm honestly feeling the same way. When we saw what happened with Gwenith, when we found out the effects of our DD choices throughout the campaigns... Just... we did this... WE did this... Not just the person who won the DD or the people who voted on the same side as them... we ALL did this...

    What have we done...
  • It's all good. I think everyone is feeling a little responsible for all of this. It's that attachment and responsibility that makes me love this show so much more.
  • @lade1rex Exactly, the DDs are just so hard when the outcome is essentially not actually what we intended and when they come into action you realise that you made a huge mistake
  • Isn't that the beauty of it... that we get so attached we feel guilty for our own actions. Actions that affect characters who don't even exist. Amazing Rawb, amazing.
  • @Reizel Okay, I'm really glad to hear this is more common than I thought. The ability to impact the show makes me love it so much too!

  • Responsible, no. However, at the end of pretty much every season 3 campaign, it gets super dark and I'm like "Wow, that just ruined the hours of fun I just had." I really miss season 2.

    If I find the time I actually plan to do a big review of every Season 3 campaign, and really spell out in detail all of the little things and the way the sometimes aggressively dark content just ruined the fun.
  • @Harkmagic Just remember stories don't always end happily and this is by no means the end of a story. The darker the fall the brighter the rise. Get hyped for next season when things start to turn around.
  • @Harkmagic
    It's the aggressively dark content that I like the best though, those moments where shit hits the fan and chaos ensues is what really makes this show interesting and unpredictable.
  • @Harkmagic The dark content is really good and the 90% fun 10% serious works really well in my opinion. However these 10% are sometimes so hard to process when they are on our shoulders to carry.
  • @Reizel Look, I am cool with darkness in may ways, and hard stories need telling. The genocide of the Beenu is not one of the things that bothered me this season despite being arguably the darkest moment of the series. It was dark in an appropriate way and spelled out an important event in Urealms history.
  • I love that we underestimate our decisions. Everything we pick, everything we cause we do without really thinking. We rush blindly, and the occupants of the realm must suffer the cost. The goofiness in between just shows the silver lining through our choices, that those people and creatures may actually get some good from the world. but maybe not. Just my two cents
  • @Caprikel Exactly. Plus the fact that the realm is falling into such darkness means that when the grand paladin finally manages to kill Bopen for good, the victory will be that much sweeter
  • @Reizel
    >Implying Bopen will lose
    Hahaha, I'm sure Rob will have something much more interesting in store for us than Bopen simply losing. 
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    @Reizel Doesn't feel like The Grand Paladin Order is good anymore though, the fact Gwyneth was forced to become the grand paladin and the outcome of it (the purge) makes it seem like they just fight something without actually understanding why, and are just doing it because they don't want the ageless to be in the society like elves and dwarves. We've seen many ageless are completely civilized but still the order to eliminate each and every one of them stands, so does Gwyneth know about it and just doesn't care?

    Half of what I'm saying is probably gibberish, sorry if it's barely understandable I am very tired.
  • Honestly I cried at bit at the end of that last animation
  • That's one of the most enjoyable parts of Urealms IMO is that it can bring such a nice range of emotions out as we get invested in these characters who, often because of choices from the collective Old Gods donating or Divine Decision 'winners', have to deal with a lot of stuff which can often end up being tragic.  Rob really likes to come up with far-reaching consequences as the result of what we donate for or vote for with DD's.  
  • For every action there is a consequence. Those could be very good, or very very bad.

    Example: Roamin trying to walk though a wall == dead puppy.
  • @lade1rex How exactly did we prevent Galen Sunsword from being the next Grand Paladin again?
  • Do you honestly believe there was a better choice though?

    If Lance had become grand paladin, we would be getting the same speech but with a different name. There are no "Good" decisions and no "Bad" decisions, only decisions that must be made.

    Yes, what happened to Gwenyth was unfortunate, but there was no other choice, there was no "do nothing" option. there was no "Let the grand paladin die" choice. The Flame of the realm HAD to live on, and even we are not without limits. There is one decision, or the other. Support an event, or watch as others do it for you.

    There is no way to stop any of this pain from happening, we can only choose to who suffers it. There is no way to make the right decision, as they are all wrong in one context or the other. And there is no way to leave well enough alone, for if you try, someone else will, and that's all the realm will accept.
  • @TamTroll Are you sure we couldn't have done nothing? had no one voted for anything, what would happen? Of course it's ridiculous and probably won't happen, but if we didn't vote for anything, maybe there wouldn't be a new grad paladin and no one would suffer from our decision-making.

  • I feel like there is no way for us to come out as good guys in the end. Rawb is riggin it!
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    A good amount of us tried to do nothing when the option to kill Phanto came around. He was still killed by our kind regardless.

    It doesn't matter how many thousands opt to not vote, or not contribute for something. all it takes is one to make it happen. May as well vote and hope you get picked, maybe you can do some good in the order of chaos board.
  • @Harkmagic This show isn't for you then Hark. Watch Deadrealms if you want more of that fun comedy with no consequences.
  • Rob
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    If it makes you all feel better, I cried many times writing this story. Once I knew that we were going with Gwyneth instead of Lance with the DD, I pretty much knew what I wanted to do since Gwyneth was a more focused Character.

    Picking Lance would of really cemented the "Old Man Willakers" character in lore as Lance is the same in a lot of ways. Gwyneth on the other hand is a tragic character and so it made much more sense to get a tragic ending. The choice was "Old Man Willakers" reborn again in which case the campaign would of been much more lighthearted and fun or the dark ending with Gwyneth. I'm very happy we went this direction tho as I like the sad stories most.

    The guilt of Old Gods is a theme I like to explore because it involves the concept of being responsible with power. Obviously some fan was always going to pick a Divine Decision, in fact the less people pick Divine Decisions, the more OTHER users would be likely to decide knowing their vote means more. A choice was going to be made by the Old Gods, but the real sadness going forward is knowing as a group there is nothing we can do. We know that Old Gods should not meddle in the realm, but we all know most of you will keep voting. It's an amusing form of pain and guilt. It's a weird emotion to feel when you watch an internet video because you have no reason to be guilty, but because the story is able to be meta and because you, yourselves, put yourselves into that story and feel the choices you make as a collective, it feels more real and hurts.

    It was fun to write and again I like doing these 90% funny shows with the 10% serious because they are overall light and easy to enjoy, (honestly you dont really need the lore to watch any of these shows for the most part) but then also knows how to punch you in the gut.
  • @Rob so wait, theoretically what would happen if no-one voted? Not because of broken tech, but rather consciously not voting? 
  • @Rob

    oh definitely. Don't get me wrong, i absolutely love what's being said and the general theme of "this is all your fault!" going around.

    It's a good thing that we feel hurt and helpless. that's kind of the point :P
  • @siennamydog The tech is designed to have no choice be made. Everyone would think it just broke haha. If this were to naturally occur (it wouldn't because there would always be that 1 person to pick no matter how hard we tried) then Galen Sunsword would of become the Grand Paladin.

    What about other Divine Decisions as a followup question? It depends both on the which DD and when it popped up. I cannot write every possible direction we could go, I can only lead us to destinations and change direction depending on what happens in campaigns. I know how I want to end the show and I know that there are multiple different ways to get there. But I am writing the story based on two time lines, One in which is the Timeline of the world and the OTHER which is the timeline we witness things. It's confusing, but then again this is a show about goofy RPG puppets, so that confusion becomes rewarding when you can ignore all the goofy stuff in the campaign and pick out what is really going on. It also doesn't help (or makes it more fun) because I have a habit of taking UNBELIEVABLY bad lore and making it canon.

    The best part is there are users on the forum who did know a lot of how this campaign would go, what could happen and how it would end, but I knew we had Nick and Pats animation which was so bad ass that it didn't matter how badly the campaign went so I was never worried haha. Honestly all the hard work from the artists involved and all the support from the fans made this the easiest (if still exhausting) and most enjoyable piece of work for me to have created. I hope that I am able to do 7 seasons of this show so that I can finish telling this fun story. 
  • I Have always believed That tragedy is essential to great stories. If we look at some of the greatest stories ever told, the wast majority Have tragic elements to them. So when i vote in the DD i mostly vote with the hopes for a great story in mind rather than moral values. Its note That i dont care at all, more That i wont to see the character be part of a really good story, and as such they Have to suffer
  • I'm actually watching for the overarching story and how dark it gets, not just for the RP goofs. @Harkmagic
  • It really is something, watching all these hilarious characters, random characters, recycled characters, cliche characters get thrown into a mixing pot with boiling water and watching what comes out the other side. I don't think all DDs have two dark endings though. Some will be definitely brighter than others. Sometimes, you just make the best of a bad situation. It's all in the end for a great, collective work of art where we can have an impact.
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