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They did good work entertaining us. Those beautiful pawns made a great time for us. Hahahaha hahahaha  >_<


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    I don't believe Old Gods are evil by nature. i don't believe we've made any "Wrong" decisions.

    i also don't believe there were any "Good" or "right" decisions.

    ... Except killing Phanto. that was a bad decision.
  • I can't wait to see Bopen and Deadlantis armies marching on the living,
  • I don't think we're evil. We're just chaotic especially when everyone has their own direction they want to take the show
  • Yes, we must carry no regrets, Lest we sacrifice our power in the Future
  • not "For The Light" but "Fuck the Light"
  • I say we take out the remaining sun for good measure

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    there's one problem with this 
    we not move the pawns 
    we watch them move 
    but The Hand has a plan for matter 
    so join us my friend 

    We may be blind,
    But our Hands can still act.
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