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Campaign Thread: The Lightbeards



  • Bruce named his wife after his bow?
  • @Harkmagic

    I believe in DvZ lore he turned his wife into a bow, might be that is the case here as well and this is the ending Rob has in mind for her
  • Ya'll didn't realize that dexterous could be used as a passive during CC video so I'm letting ya'll know here.
  • @BlackWhiteCavias maybe. I could believe it, but naming his wife after something he loves seems more in keeping with Bruce's character.
  • I'd like to also point out that we saw Lance use a super powerful bow, might be the same!
  • @Harkmagic Considering his wife would have been created by thor at around the same time as him it seems unlikely he would then already have his bow or have it be close to him, so I don't think he would have a chance to name her after his bow (other way around is possible though)
  • Maybe I'm overthinking this but Spiff having specifically Bodybuilder wich says "You have invested a great deal of time into improving your body and mind" and Follower of the Light might just be a hint that she can ascend, only the "always be kind" part is missing.
    Of course that investing a great deal of time is different from truly mastering your body and mind but it's weird that she has her cornerstone and attribute preselected if her character truly is "a blank slate" also the "your character ends up being like a..." seems suspicious.
    Going into wild speculation territory she might turn into a dragon at the end and because we know characters go a bit mad after ascending she might turn on the party making a for a cool final boss that's also a dragon. Bruce also dying at the hands of his wife, especially if they kill each other at the same time would be amazing.
    Probably I'm overthinking this.
  • insanely hyped up for this and that glorious glorious Quintara Avatar. I will gladly bow to our Chaotic overlord
  • edited September 2018
    after watching ep 13 of the unforgotten realms cartoon, i stared working on a new theory about the potion of endless life. i have a feeling it´s just the type of thing rob would reuse   
  • Spiff has two divinefavors
    Coe has two diplomats
    Deadbones has two duskblades

    Tell me. Why wasn't Roamin the one to try this?
  • Cant spiff not use DI due to Divine Favor, or did this happen already and I forgot the solution?
  • edited September 2018
    @Dolfinmaster Yep, they forgot that spiff cannot cast dark magic. @Roguish also noticed how dexterous is a passive so spiff can still be dexterous.

    As the audience it is our job to annoy rob until they either fix this or forget about it completely. :)

    Also, Roamin's inventory is a mess. :| Firstly, His frostelemental is a pet and should have two abilities and one passive. He also has a passive in his ability slots, teacherspet.
  • 69 such a pretty number... but i wonder are peps actually trying to fund quintara before the campain starts?
    Pretty cool guys. :dank: 

  • im excited for new race possibilities, and new puppets.....and monsters...maybe. ill be damned if im letting tonsillitis make me miss this!
  • Holy shit guys we have already gotten to 70 percent its amazing
  • On the donation page, the map preview has changed to have the magic stone and paladin banners from DvZ and i love it even more now.
  • @Dolfinmaster
    this subtle picture change has increased my hype levels tenfold, god dammit RAWB
  • Thank you guys so much for all your support! I am super hype for today's show! Hope to see you there! Make sure you got your SNACKS and HYDRATION for optimal streaming experience!!
  • Looks like we're getting the Quintara Avatar!

    i mean i don't know if i'll get it myself since i like this as-close-to-a-goblin-as-i-can-get Gnome Avatar. But hey, Quintara pretty.
  • @TamTroll ; yeah i know what you mean, i will most likely get a permanent avatar when a golstand or one of the races we only heard about comes out. but the Quintara avatar looks really cool, so iam happy for the folks that wanted it.
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  • Woot, got a bunch of money today and was able to donate the 50 for Quintara Lotus.
    This one big donation event thing might actually be a better option for me. My bank doesn't like me making a bunch of small donations for different events.
  • ARRRGHHH!! i am so pissed off!

    i went through all the trouble of getting Urelms onto my TV, and the stream WON'T. STOP. BLINKING!

    it's lagging like, a full minute behind the stream on my computer! So annoying! i wanted to laze on my couch and eat snacks while watching on a big screen damnit!
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    @Rob ; @Meganzoor ; Just wanted to say that the donate button on the stream seem bug, we can't scroll down to the donate button.
  • edited September 2018
    Got a 20 on my daily right before the stream.
    It's gonna be gooooooooooooooooooood.

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