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Campaign Thread: The Lightbeards



  • I've been unable to donate for most of the season, but i've been making sure to put aside some money and making sure I have everything that needs to be done completed. NOTHING is going to stop me from watching the season finale live!
  • @Rob can we get a 100k gold bruce avatar plz?
  • I guess Rob is Quintara Now
  • edited September 2018
    nice cute avatar 
  • I am intrigued 
  • Rob
    edited September 2018
    @Maris It's okay. I think I'm going to take another stab at it making more awesome after the show. 

    Here is a picture of it for those who are confused in the future. I changed my avatar during this show to the Quintara Avatar we are rewarding out during the show and that will be purchasable on the forums for a silly amount of gold. 
  • @Rob My mouse is suddenly drawn towards the donate page, must.. get... tiddy... dragon.
  • The Donation Stretch Goals have been out for a while. Sadly, I can't donate  :(
  • @Rob Shame I can't donate 40 more Bucks for the QL avvie, although to be honest I would probably never use it. At least I will get the Young Virgo and Bruce Avvies, plus the PC's, this time around. :)
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    Only donated 5$ at first, but after seeing that chance at a reward I dropped 50 more. Will the donation event be available during the campaign? admittedly I want to see my name shine at the top.
  • @ThePhatSass
    I did the exact same thing as you
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    i saved up 100$ during the season so that i could donate it on the finale, so did That! But dident chose a event as there where only one, so migth Have donators it as old god blood. O well as long it helps the show!
  • And thats not included any of the peps who like doing it online live
  • A shame I gotta miss the first two hours of this but I bet watching the rest of it live will be amazing
  • Damn 33% before character creation is even out, we doing good guys
  • Shame I can't drop 50 bucks for an avatar, but at least we get some other sick avatars, and a big one to save up for.
  • man that avatar is making me consider giving 40 more cuase hot daum its cool
  • Haha Im at 77k suckers the tiddy dragon will be mine mehahaha
  • I'm very sad I'm going to miss it live due to a friend's birthday party. I seriously weighed up whether I could miss it, but alas not. 
  • After this campaign's rewards I'll have over 100k gold, but what about other 100k avatars in the future? Better to just hoard it all...
  • Saddly I’ll miss the end live due to a DnD session I have, I wondered outlould about skipping it and got flac from the other players
  • @Rob ;
    If I donated 10 dollars already if I donate 10 4 more times, I still get that custom avatar if we get to 80 percent right
  • The Quintara Avatar is animated.

    so not only does she break the rule of "blue only" in puppet pals, but she breaks the rule of "Still image" on the forums.

    Quintara just breaking every rule she can ain't she?
  • So I was looking at the locket at the end of the Lightbeards video intro. Pretty sure it is meant to represent a elf and beenu who were either in a relationship, or related. I'm curious to see what this means long term, but if Elves and Beenu did hook up, I'm curious to know if they could mate. Since both are capable of it independently
  • @Rein Yes, it doesn't need to be a single amount. 
  • if roamin doesn't say 'aw jeez' i quit
  • Gid Damnit Rawb I need this money for a new York trip stop tempting me with sexy animated dragon ladys
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