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Hype Video Today?

Hey all I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the hype video? I wanna know what the cool internet stuff rawb hinted at is and today is the 26th. Is this video patrons only or something? Or is it simply just not out yet? Sorry if Rawb has already discussed this elsewhere I only just got home from work. :)


  • There was a power outage at Rob's last night. It will be delayed a little. 
  • @siennamydog
    hey that’s okay! As long as Rawb is happy with the end product and feels it’s goid enough to release to us. Thanks for the update!
  • The donation page has been updated with stretch goals for the donations now. 
  • I forgot about that Tor'Anroc mention in the series. That brought back some good memories.

  • as a non-patreon, this video got me considering becoming a patreon.

    i mean... i have an income now... it's kind of a shit income, but an income nonetheless.
  • Is it an income you can afford to take Rawb out for a decent lunch once a month? When he's getting both a soda and a dessert? If so, I'd recommend it. If not, well... not. 
  • @ShepardCom

    ehh, around 90-100 bucks once or twice a month. it helps that i live with my parents and so don't need to pay for things like food, electricity, and rent.
  • Okay folks you heard Rob in the video, we gots to work as the fans to help get his content out to more people so we can expand the fan base to help sustain him and the others working on it.

    We should show off this finale video to people, but also the recap Nader video to get people interested in it.
  • @SMS00

    i've actually been considering trying to record a "cliff notes" version of the lore. just covering major events like the hatching, the birth of magic, gwenith, etc, and leaving out small things like Porbo, the battle of the bards, and other such things.

    gotta like, write that down first though.
  • @TamTroll
    That's a good idea, specially for people who want to get into the series more in depth.
    I also was thinking we should do set lists of videos/content showing off not only Rob's works, but also the best moments of Deadbones, Roamin, Justin, Coe and the other players so as to drive more interest in them and any projects they do.
  • Dang we didn't go anywhere with this really.  :(

    We gotta get on this so we can help expand the fan base to help finance Rob. D:
  • @SMS00

    i DID start on a scrypt a few days ago. it's so janky and jumpy that it'd probably need some proofreading before i'd call it done.

    big problem was saying "oh these dragons are attuned to the elements of fire, ice, light, arcane, darkness, etc. but right now they're all light dragons so just hold on a sec" :P
  • @TamTroll

    Yeah the lore is definitely going to be confusing for many people.  :o
  • @SMS00

    so long as we keep things streamlined and simple, avoid any player-characters or non-necicary campaigns like battle of the bards, we should be okay.
  • Yeah I keep forgetting about this task over this past fall/winter.
    Had so little energy being diverted to other things. D:
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