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Rewards for last campaign out, but not for the Dead Realms.

The rewards are out and I'll have a website update from Sallazhar once Nisovin and me figure out whats wrong with the Dead Realms campaign. I believe there is a small error with how we do those campaigns thats preventing us from processing rewards from them.


  • Awesome that some of the rewards are out! Thanks Rob and Nisovin :)
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     nice work you all, love the character art, you did a great job @Sixelona ;
  • will the gold from the decision arrive with the secret avatar?
  • Thanks for all the hard work!
  • Thanks Rawb and Niso!
  • @ElRRego OOF. That event did not work like that. Because we could not use the favorite player system correctly, I believe I may have broke it. I have opted to instead just reward everyone who came to the show 25,000 gold because it doesn't seem fair to those who picked it correctly and didn't get their gold like you.

    Some might argue "but its not fair if others get gold i earned!" to which I would point out that gold has no purpose other then buying avatars. Don't sweat it. Sorry for the mistake, this show is getting too complicated for me to run on my own like this. I won't be doing these types of donation events in S4 anymore because they have been a nightmare for me to do properly and not break the site haha.
  • @Rob The donating towards players ones? Or just the picking a choice gives you a reward ones?
  • Thank you Rob!
  • Hey when ever I try to pm you it doesn’t work. I think I discussed this in emails with you. Been super busy the past few months. I’ll try to look through them tomorrow. I wish pming you worked for me@Rob
  • @Rob ; Does that also mean that everyone who votes to the favorite player gets the Ultimate Suffering Avatar or only the people who donated toward the event? 
  • I appear to have gotten the EXP for the campaign but no gold
  • Quick question: are there rewards for watching(/donating) deadrealms?
  • Yeah @Core_Magma Rob said they were having issues with it though.
  • @rob I came to the show and picked correctly, should I have received the 25,000 gold, or is it coming later?
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    @Deified rob said everyone was gonna get the 25k gold because of a problem with the software
  • @ElRRego Did he say gonna get, or already got? That is my question. Since I didn't get mine yet I have no way of knowing if everyone else got theirs already. Considering the first post he made says, "The rewards are out..." and I got my EXP and the gold I donated for, it leads me to question if there was a mistake made causing me to not get the additional 25K or if he just hasn't given anyone the 25K yet.
  • @Deified he hasn't given the bonus gold yet
  • So, what about the accolade? Was that just for the beginning of S3, or possibly for the end as long as we've donated?
  • Speaking of Accolades, I just remembered I never got mine for season 2. hmmm. Maybe after the finale (when Rob's no longer working like a busy bee) I'll ask about that
  • @Deified
    I got my 25k. I got it since the other day. Im sure others too have gotten theirs but as shown by you and @ElRRego , it seems as if the 25k hasn't been given out to everyone yet
  • @Phendrix ; Thanks. I'm afraid whatever stopped my correct pick from going thorough also made it look like I wasn't there live. I'll just have to wait and see.

  • @Deified

    Well Rob said that everyone who attended the show got the gold, did you get the exp, which would indicate you were at the show (I got the exp, but not the gold)
  • I got my exp, but didn’t get my gold. I didn’t donate to that campaign ether I don’t know if that has something to do with it.
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    I got my exp, but no accolade for season 3. unless those are given out later?
    i didnt get all the gold either.
  • @pechum I got a season 3 accolade last December (dang this season has lasted long  :) ) so he's not holding onto those for any reason I should see.
  • Got my exp, but still haven't gotten the 25k gold yet. Not sure I I should be bothering people about that before or after this weekend's campaign as both seem like they would be busy times,
  • I see a lot of people saying there were issues with this campaign. I will have to make a thread and go through your guys accounts one by one to see if we can figure out why certain people missed out on rewards.
  • @Rob ;
    Wow Rub you got your special avatar before all of us
    its so much plot we are missing out on
    (☭ ͜ʖ ☭)
  • Who are you?! Where is Rawb?!
  • Might aswell add that i did not get the 25k gold from the campagin, I only got the xp.
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