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Campaign Thread: The Lightbeards



  • Can’t wait for the finale and the 5 mins of animation is great.
  • I wonder what's gonna happen :oh: 
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    i love the route they have decided to take with thor. it really feel a bit like something out of a myth 
  • Finally in a financial state where I can give money to the show. Been giving 1$ a month to patreon and just put in 5$ to the donation event. Once information comes out on the 26th I'll be sure to put in some more :)
  • All aboard the hype train!
  • @ThePhatSass Same here! The only problem is I'm gonna miss the show live (though hopefully I can still cast a DD Vote).

    I wonder what the locket (the one that would've been the other ending to Lyn Azveltara Gaiden) means? It's a shame I'm gonna miss it live, but I will be caught up by the 30th!
  • The impression I get is that the grand paladin could be considered a divine
  • That locket at the end... XD Gosh so many possibilites.
    I adore the hints and bread crumbles you give! So many potential stories to tell. And hearts to break and trample on till we are nothing but a mad weeping mess of tears!
     and cannot wait till someone translates the pages shown in the book.
    I am jumping up and down!
  • @Simona It's a great show this week. It's a little bit silly what everyone involved is putting together for Saturday. Fans of the show should be delighted no matter how dice roll and old fans of mine from the Minecraft era should really enjoy the ultimate punch line of the campaign once they figure it out.

    @friskyBrisky no need to worry, there is no divine decision this week. the decisions for this season have been made.
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    I am sure it will be great, and thanks for all the effort put into it. This will be the first show for my friends gonna watch with me, we are making an urealms party!, so hype for introducing more people!
  • The locket is most likely showing Nader since what we can assume to be his signature (starting with an n and seen before on his pages) is seen in red when it's shown. Real question is who would that beenu be, possibly a love of him pre birth of magic?
  • @Rob oh good on the no DD thing this week. I was probably going to miss it live as well so its good I don't miss out on anything big!
  • I would just like to point out in that a fan campaign i made around a year ago had Thor be the first grand paladin (To those who say Bruce is, remember Virgo was the 2nd or 3rd depending on who you asked) and I think thats a phenomenal call.
  • Man I'm so hyped, this saturday is going to be a m a z i n g
    Also, can we talk about Thor's design? It's so cool  :D
  • When even the gods leaving their kids, no wonder every third character in the realm has daddy issues. /s

    Kinda crazy that we are already at the end of the season. Feels like GPO was a few months ago.
  • we have seen that locket before, in the Lyn azveltara gaiden BTS, it was the alt ending to the campaign if the other DD choice got picked. I think the 2 people are Lyn's pre BOM husband, and the beenu is ghostblade.
  • So during a part of the preview, it shows all the dragon aspects. And when Nader tells about the dragons no longer living among the elves, the dragons start to fade away in order of Ouro’ras, golestant, rokesh, Yvander, vlaurunga. And then quintara lotus stays.

    so we know know which order the dragons abandoned the elves
  • I can't wait for this Saturaday!
  • im pretty pumped m8
  • I'm beginning to think that more than five might actually be a waste.... hmmmmmm
  • Wow that was an exciting preview, should be fun to see how the grand paladin order came about
  • I really enjoyed seeing that yellow note with Thor from the Unforgotten Realms Series, nice little call back. I'm happy to see some Thor lore get into URealms.
  • @Rob
    "old fans of mine from the Minecraft era should really enjoy the ultimate punch line of the campaign"
    Rawb I can't express how excited I am for that!!! 
    I know it's weird but my favorite part of watching your old DvZ streams was always tuning in for the lore! I know it was a silly lore and story but I was always so drawn to it! It was so tragic and romantic how he kept fighting the same battle over and over, knowing he will always loose it despite his god-like status!

    I've missed quite alot of shows this season since I only return from my base every other weekend, so I'm glad I will be able to watch the ending live! So far I always watched the season endings live and it was always such an incredible experience, I wouldn't miss it for the world! I secretly rescheduled all my plans to allow this to happen!
    Luckily now I'm also in a more financially-ok to donate more towards your and your project, so I feel way more in on everything.

    Can't wait for the season finale!
  • Hype is real and tbh i think will be one of if not the best campaign yet
  • OOOOLLLLLDDDDD MMMAAAAANNNNNN WWWWIIIIILLLLLLIIIIIKKKKEEEERRRRRSSSSSS,!,!,!,!,!,, but in all seriousness I'm hyped and excited to see how all the pieces fall into place
  • I'm predicting that we got the Dead Realms when we did so that DvZ can be 'canonically' set in the Dead Realms.
  • Woohoo Season 3 Finale Hype! I bet that the punchline would be OMW Line. Absolutely loved DVZ and can't wait for this campaign.
  • From a night to remember i voted for roman in the devine decision at the start of who would die first and he did. I didnt get the rewards 
  • Can't wait for the conclusion of DvZ, as fun as it was and still is, I think it's for the best that since you've spent so much time on it and deserve a break from everything related to it.
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