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With Rob's(& all attached parties) permission, Is there a way to buy/make physical cards of URealms

This is not for Resell but I would be looking into making 3 full sets. One for my self to use at cons and local card shops (because this game is awesome) and 2 to give a gifts to other tabletop streamers. These 2 streams are Matthew Mercer @matthewmercer of Critical Role @CriticalRole fame because they would love this game if it was a physical game and one set to go to Canadian tabletop stream Graham Stark @Graham_LRR of LoadingReadyRun @loadingreadyrun fame because they too love weird and random dnd games.

I completely understand if this is not of the wishes of all involved parties of Urelams and i will halt my intentions if it is their wishes. I love this game and i just want to share my love of this game and this is easiest done with cards in ones real hands.

with said permission i would love to get this game IRL and I am looking for solutions. My preferred solution would be to buy it from from Rob but I post this because I all looking for a legal and agreeable solution


  • Rob very most likely hasn't got the time to do something like that. Printing is probably the best way to go to get physical cards. Alternatively use tabletop simulator. 
  • @Shuckle of course I just dont want to do it with hes ok because it would be given people and making a copy of this might be seen as shady. I just want this to be done legally and with as much support to Urealms Live as i can/should give.

    also How would i go about printing them? is there a dox i can find and just hand it to a staples manager?
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    Rob has talked to his viewers before about whether he will sell a physical copy of the game during one of his streams. I think he said that since there are a lot of RNG decks the amount of cards would probably be too large and expensive, unless you changed the game completely and removed some of the fun like RNG.

    Something else to make it even more difficult would be that the game is still in development. Rob changed and added a lot of cards for Season 3 and he will be adding all the cards from his Kickstarter backers in Season 4 with other changes he's wanted go make. The game is still being made.

    He has not given anyone permission to print the cards as far as I know.
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    During season 1 I printed all the cards myself, along with the maps. As long as you don't sell what you've printed it should be fine.

    Another Option, I had thought of was to get a bunch of cheap smartphones and create an app that simulates the cards. This way you would buy about 20 old smartphones, hook them up to a charger and create a small app that allows you to randomly draw a card from a certain deck (eg. a spell)

    I actually got a prototype of this working, but it kept crashing since I am bad
  • If you have the resources to get the game noticed by the streamers you watch, then I bet it could suffice in most cases to make them aware of its existence and where to play it.

    Though Rob has mentioned on multiple occasions that he very much likes the URealms fanbase at the size it's at now, so he might not like it if there were suddenly 2 thousand more viewers. Perhaps endorsing the game should be something that you clear with Rob and the rest of his business co workers with before taking matters into your own hands.

    But if you do get the green light, I personally think it could be a decent idea to also share the game with the The Yogscast's D&D team "High Rollers", run by Mark "Sherlock" Hulmes. They are a really funny group and would probably be right at home in the zany play style of URealms. But of course getting a solid answer comes first.
  • For store games, you could bring a laptop with TTS for CC and then have players write their load out on a character sheet then just run the game as a normal tabletop. It'd still allow for the RNG but it wouldn't require printing everything up.

    As for sending the game to streamers, it's a completely different format, and one that's constantly evolving. Maybe when the game's done with whatever season 4 reveals needs balancing, there'll be a book of tables to still let RNG happen. Sort of like the DMG for 5e and Pathfinder 2e. But with constantly evolving rules and how long the games are, you're probably not gonna convince people who have their own streaming games, most of which have a lot of internal lore and homebrew (especially Mercer who is constantly building new classes like Gunslinger and Cobalt Soul and Blood Hunter), to test out a very different system. URealms is pretty close to a complete system, but you're basically watching the game get playtested every campaign and abilities and game balance can change even in the middle of combat while they play it. And even though there's a lot of fan made mods, they're the same as running homebrew and house rules instead of the base game, and you have to have the main game set first before you can change it because those mods would also have to be completely updated to keep up.

    That being said, I'd absolutely buy a UR player's handbook of RNG tables for classes and races, DM notes, RNG treasure/spell/item tables, and what I think UR needs most of all, a monster manual type bestiary and random companion/encounter builder complete with possible loadouts for enemies. There are things like trinket tables and wild mage sorcerer and like twenty pages of Xanathar's Guide that are just for the RNG players of regular DND, an entire game based on roll tables has a lot of appeal to that sort of player. And it'd even be a throwback to the original show by having it, which is fun in its own way. Include a special edition cover and a DVD of things like Coe's Quest and Nader's Tales, some of the music on a CD or digital download, and you can easily sell it for like 75-100$, maybe even more going by how much people are actually paying for Modipheus' Vampire the Masquerade update.
  • The thing is about copyright law. If you wanted to print the cards yourself. It'd be hard to detect or challenge if used in a private, non-commercial manner. Based on United States copyright law, and constitutionally protected speech... However, if I print off the cards. And sell them. That would be actionable. Just like selling pirated DVD's and Blurays. The other issue, is that URealms isn't necessarily an open source system... Nor is it seemingly based in American law, because Rob is presumably the Intellectual Property rights holder... And is a Canadian national.

    And... Your asking about having a Staples retail location printing out sheets of media that has ambiguous Intellectual Property protections... I won't say the corporation I worked for. But they had a similar capacity to do posters and other "non-standard" print orders. The employee handbook said in very clear terms, "Do not accept a print order for any media that the customer doesn't have the IP rights to. Or would otherwise be in violation of existing US or international copyright law." With a brief overview of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

    So... Yes... You could take media to Staples and they probably won't mind printing anything off that you pay for... But they shouldn't. And it's questionable if it's legal, even though it isn't actionable.
  • @Acas

    This would likely be the best way to make it an approachable system for card shops. An app that handles all the RNG, math, turn order, and "rules" information. But that is a lot of work for an alpha system like URealms. Not to mention... There are open source game systems, and proprietary ones like D&D, that could be "skinned" as URealms... To create the same effect. Like. A DM can describe a breath weapon as purple porc puke. You can skin a sword swing as a "I'm going to try to cast this light spell on the ageless." I'm not attempting to be condescending.
  • has anyone tried to make a physical copy just to play either in a local group (just printed it out on paper black and white nothing fancy).
    a gaming cafe where i go to i would love to print out and show friends and others this game. urealms has helped me get into dnd 5 e so fast and easy :)
    if anyone has posted links to a file of any seasons cards could you direct me to em

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