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Niki's art dumpster (Come one! Come all!)

Hey i'm Niki, a self proclaimed Artist, i draw almost every day, here's a big thread with all the stuff ive drawn.

So uhhh, it's been a while since i updated the initial post. Needless to say my art skills have improved pretty dramatically since then. You are free to skip all my old art as i don't consider most of it to be that great at all anymore. Here's some of the newer stuff ive drawn as of writing this edit.

Let's start with my newest piece as of writing this, it is a redrawing of a character i drew Waaaaay back, just so you can see the improvement ill post the old one for you to compare.

I recently got into DnD and decided to draw my character for it

I then redrew her again after a while

Still proud of the first one but i personally feel the new one is a step up.

Here's an older one that i consider to be one of my favorites 
So yeah. There you have a small preview. If you like my art or have any criticisms. Feel free to comment. (I love the attention)
Take care.  ~_~



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