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First Game!

Today I will be starting my first attempt at GM'ing a game of URealms! :smile: I am so excited and wanted to share with you guys. Also, if anyone has any tips from GM'ing other games that they would like to share I would be appriciative.

Wish me luck!


  • Good luck! GM'ing is a ton of fun, and one tip I have for you is to be prepared to adapt. Your players can and will break the plans you had for the campaign, so having a bunch of back-up plans is super important to make sure they can still follow what's happening even if it goes off the rails. Lucky or unlucky rolls can also force you to change the story halfway through if a fight ends up not going as expected, so be prepared for that as well. Hope everything goes well!
  • Thanks RedDashLion! I've already started adjusting a combat because I have one character who practically never misses attacks and another who always deals 25 damage no matter what. :ugh: But I am sure they will have fun!
  • @Trumpetier06 ; I think you are about the first person to ever use this avatar besides me that ive seen on the forums. kek
  • i wish you luck. are bad at giving gm tips when i dont know them or there players. but have gm for some time, so if you have any questions i gladly help.
  • I haven't seen it around much either Nikiduke, and thanks LexderMob!
  • Hell yea, A Night To Remember Thread? Sweet the whole gang is here
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