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Are ageless undead

This might sound stupid but really they could be, most healing magic that does DMG only do it to skilled dark mages and the ageless curse is dark so that would be why they take DMG


  • Im pretty positive that it has been stated somewhere that they are undead.
  • I would argue that they are not undead (unless it is actually stated somewhere that they are) just because the ageless ritual doesn't seem to kill them, just change them. Undead implied killed and brought back to life. I guess thralls fit into that category but not all ageless
  • I assume they're undead since they're not "alive". We've seen people get killed then turned into ageless, both Thralls and Sentients. The usual ritual might not straight-up kill them, but it causes their body to change into that of an Ageless.
  • Yes I believe ageless are technically undead because they dont need to get energy from any source in order to maintain themselves ( they can’t be held together by magic because then dispel would work on them and the paladin order would’ve defeated the ageless overnight ) however they maintain aspects of living such as movement and thinking.
  • @Murlin22
    It could be magic keeping them alive just like how elfs use silver to stay "ageless"(get it), and also the ageless curse itself is magic so disspell not effecting it means nothing
  • Well, Ageless are Magical Creatures.
  • it really depends of what you consider undead. dark magic is connected to more than just death magic, so it could just be that healing magic could have a negative reaction to dark magic because it's directly opposite to dark magic makes it see dark magic as unhealthy. but i think Agelessness are a form of undeath. but more of a urealms specific variation rather than traditional undead from other games.
  • @LexderMob
    Well really undead can mean a lot of things like vampires zombies mummys and also skeletons but ageles are magical things so idk
  • There is a spell to resurrect dead people into ageless so I’d say yes.
  • According to bonedancer and betraoil yes ageless are undead
  • Also, keep in mind, whenever an ageless spits sludge at someone, it can kill them and then turn them ageless. The bigger question is if Believers are immune to this sludge, as when they die, they would revert back to being books and never become ageless. In A Night to Remember, Coe's character was immune to the immediate death because of their iron gut.
  • Im pretty sure ageless are undead. I remember bopen saying that you have to die to become ageles in the first act of the Senate if deadlantis.(probably to cain) And then there's these spells about the ageless effectively being dead and therefore undead. raisedeadcommandthedeadresurrection

    I feel like the senate of deadlantis and the elven high council would have debated this. I wonder how that would have gone
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