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Best campaign to show a new watcher

Title says the gist of it. I told a friend about Urealms, and now to introduce her to it properly I want to know the best video or campaign to link to her to give her the best sense of what Urealms can offer as a show. And perhaps even get them interested in participating in a game down the line.


  • Drunks & Dragons is a really good silly one 
  • Maybe the Sunswords? other then the weird Funk nonsense, it seems to be a pretty good spot, introducing important characters like Gwynith and Dave, the Silvermine mountain, and some villains that show up later.

    If not that, then maybe Porc Hunters, as it introduces Phinias and Chimera, as well as the ins and outs of one of the major races.
  • Season 1 - Sunswords (or Unseen Rogues) as it shows new viewers the ins and outs of URealms RP, and it has combats that are very "vanilla" in my eyes. 

    Season 2 - Unexpected Discovery (Or Murder Bros) as they're more focused on turning combat into fundamentals into character's stories.

    Season 3 - Galen Sunswords: Private Investigator (or Sandbolds) as they both show the meta aspects of the show, plus it involves some key characters of the show, like Maelstrom and Galen Sunsword.
  • woodcarvers I would say.
  • I’ say murder bros because it has a little bit of everything. Memorable characters, funny RP moments, and interesting combat encounters. Not to mention the fact that it has a direct sequel if they want to watch more.
  • I always start from band of thieves. Teaches you the RP, the combat. Introduces you to nisovin, gwyneth (vaguely), dave. You get the awesome philhipe twist. Nothing wrong with it besides the long first combat. Very good starter IMO. Showed it to a couple friends and they got really into it.
  • I always say watch any of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry campaigns. It's a great way to introduce the format of the show to any prospective new viewer. If they can't stomach a goofy campaign, they won't like the rest of the show anyway. No complex lore, no need to get background information.
  • there are a ton of discussion like this on the website, i honestly recommend to scroll in to the older decisions where there already are plenty of answers to this question. it could take a little time before you find one, but there really are a ton of them, and Rob have already given his own thought about this in some of those discussion
  • i could agree with Murder Bros or Jewel of the Dingo Isles. Murder bros has really fun characters and moments and introduces a meme within the show, EXP. But the Jewel of the Dingo Isles has very memorable moments with the craziness that can happen during combat or with the charters. I still remember Captain Merci swinging an anchor around while hanging off the side of the ship from a buckle on his foot that is connected to Kinney's leg and Kinney is hanging onto the side of the ship for dear life since she can't swim. And then there was an eagle bear waiting on the other side of the railing ready to knock them off into the ocean. All to save Octavius.
  • Personally, Season one finale because it summerises nearly every aspect of Urealms, and sets the base for the current story
  • I stand by sunswords from season 1, I feel it's the best balance of all the aspects of urealms that are great and it's not too deep in lore to be incomprehensible to new viewers while also implying a larger story to check out. 

    Unrelated but my first campaign was Zarlin Catacombs, which I don't think is the best starting point but it did get me involved. 
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