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How to Kill Bopen Idea



  • Been thinking about it, And given what we know of him, i wouldn't be surprised if someone ends up releasing Dalfgan and trying to get him to kill Bopen. As both of them are powerful beings, it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume one might be able to destroy the other. The Elves already captured Dalfgan once before, so it's not unreasonable to assume they'd be able to do so once again if Dalfgan wins.

    only probably downside would be the chance that Bopen wins, and then raises Dalfgan as an ageless to serve on his side, adding another supoer-powerful threat to the ageless side.
  • I have to assume that the elves did not defeat dalfgan but rather tricked him somehow. If Dalfgan, a character known to possess creation magic could be defeated by the elves without underhanded means I don’t think they’d need to keep him trapped in another dimension.
  • Does he actually posses creation magic though? I thought they imprisoned him because he potentially COULD cast it, not because he actually did.
  • @TamTroll
    thats a good question, Rob said that having two sets of vocal chords that work at the same time is what allows you to use creation magic ( I’m interested in the science behind that but it’s a funny show so it’s not like they need to explain why ) and since Dalfgan is an ogre with 2 smart heads that both know magic and his vocal chords can work at the same time we can safely assume that Dalfgan is indeed capable of casting creation magic.
  • @TamTroll I may be remembering this wrong, and I’m to lazy to look it up to confirm this. But I think dalfgan used creation magic to create ogres with 3 to 5 heads.
  • Maybe the secret lies with whoever, or whatever, created Bopen?
    As in "The Mana Arc," Lyn Azveltara states
    "The creature that killed Virgo Sunsword was no ageless and was no god, an unkillable pile of cursed bones on the edge of ascension, i'd wager."..."It is my belief that something or someone has access to creation magic, and created this monster and being that their are only a handful of wielders of such magic I was hoping Quintara could shed some light on some suspects for us."
    With this we have more information, if Lyn is indeed right, on the origin of Bopen.
  • Yes then when does the story and everything come in was it a coincidence?
  • Eh the story could be completely coincidental or just have inspired the naming of bopen, since bopen ( at some point ) came from the bones of the royal family and phineas ( I think the prince’s name was also phineas ) love the story of bopen
  • In "The Purge," it was stated by Bopen that in "The Fall of Dudinbourgh," that that was his rebirth into the realm.
  • True but rebirth is a very vague thing, he might’ve been a completely different person before his ‘rebirth’ ( I like to think that since Rob said that we’d feel bad for Bopen when we got his whole backstory and such so it feels like bopen is going to have been a character we knew before or will get to know soon )
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    Well, whatever Bopen is in the end it's going to be a good reveal.
  • @Badger_IronHide I am just hoping/waiting for a player character to complete the check list of The Song of Dragons, in which, if Bopen is in the same map when this happens, Bopen will either run like a baby, gets killed (only if Rob would allow this, and I don't think he will) or Rob does things (possible fudge rolls) or Bopen is just that strong and just kills a divine.
  • There are a lot of other things to question.  Both the skelephelk, the gold golen, and the prince in the fall of dundenborough all glowed purple like bopen.  Something was up in dundenborough before the ageless attacked
  • Coming back to his rebirth, could Bopen be Phanto reborn? Phanto, to my knowledge is the only divine we know who died. Bopen may be him reborn in some odd, eternal state. If we see any more divine deaths and then another Bopen-like character, we could be much more certain of this hypothesis.
  • @Particleboy04 but didn't phantos spirit/soul go to the deadrealms to become the sun?
  • @claytonimore20 ; True. Especialy looking back at what happened in the Fall of Dundinborough, my previous theory seems impossible.
  • @Particleboy04 not impossible but harder to prove. My thought has always been that bopen is the twisted and corrupted mind of Goldstant since his dragon form has been described as feral or mindless.
  • Bopen cant be feral or mindless as he did not immediately kill (or try to make ageless) phineas barringster. Bopen does not seem like someone who lost their mind, but someone who has a hatred for the living. 
  • @Particleboy04 No I mean that somehow goldstants mind was separated from his physical being and that ended up becoming bopen some how 
  • I haven't seen this mentioned yet so I guess I'll say something. In puppet pals only two things that we've seen are in color, Bopen's sword, and Quintara Lotus. This leads me to think that the sword is made by some divine? I could be totally crazy but hey its a theory.
  • That is a good Idea Lathren. *bump*
  • Maybe bopen is some form of wraith also? Wraiths dont need their skull to survive and well i dont think i need to point out when bopen showed that.
  • Maybe Bopens sword was a part of a dragon? If Drgaon aspects are colorful wouldn’t there scales be? Maybe there’s a golestandt scenario but with golden scales instead, It would explain how it gives bopen its power as the silver made people live longer. 
  • maybe Bopen is the Beenu using the body of phanto as a last ditch attempt to stop their extinction but it worked too late as the weapon couldn't find the proper hosts 
  • @claytonimore20 also nothing in deadrealms is canon so we don't know what happened to phanto's body and soul.
    Bopen being a wraith makes sense, could be interesting to see if Ladrian develops any further towards being like bopen
  • Maybe dalfgan used his potential access to creation magic to build an avatar in the normal urealms existence  to free himself from where ever the elves trapped him.
  • Yes a wraith that would make sence. Or Dalfgan using creation magic. All good ideas guys :D
  • Ideas anyone else? Could we mabey learn something from this LightBeard Campaign? That might help with the orgin of Bopen?
  • @Badger_IronHide we know that bopen knew of Bruce’s death so that could lead to alittle more backstory on bopen.
    But I’m still sticking with the idea that he can’t be killed, as that he isn’t a living being.
  • I belive that He is living as well it is just that his power is hidden within the black ring. And Destroying it he shall perish.
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