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Season Finale Wild Speculation

With 4 weeks until the Season Finale, I think it's time to wildly speculate on what the finale will be about. My guess is more Deadlantis and maybe a dragon or two.


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    It definitely involves Bruce Willakers, and he definitely gets killed either by a Dragon or a special creation from the Order of Chaos. (Thanks to the last DD.)

    If I have to guess based on these limited clues, I would say it's a Dwarven Military Campaign (maybe against the Ageless, maybe against Kobolds) that goes awry due to the Order of Chaos. I'm going to also guess that we're going to get the original crew together for this one (Roamin, Deadbones, Coe and Justin), with maybe a cameo from Spiff and/or Millbee (like Justin did in Azveltara Z).
  • I think that it will heavily involve Virgos early life. The creation of him as the Grand Paladin. I assume this means Bruce Willakers was the Grand Paladin before Virgo.
  • season 1 finale was the reawakening of golestadt, season 2 finale was the death of virgo, so there's most likely gonna be a big lore development which if we're saying bruce is already dead at the current time i don't think his death would mean all that much other than just setting things in motion.  I'd expect a donation war like in the skeleton king and a pvp chance where people chose potentially old characters in the final encounter since I feel like rob really likes those.  Other than that i feel like we'll probably see maelstrom, possibly learn what the fate worse than death actually was and yeah see Bruce die which would probably make it a over-time campaign like sandbolds if he is already dead at the furthest point of lore.
  • I imagine it’s going to be heavily order of chaos focused. We know we’re getting the reveal of what the fate worst than death is this campaign. And I fell like they have to do something with what they’ve been setting up with maelstrom and final talon, other than the OGD. ether way I can’t wait.
  • I feel like the stuff Maelstrom and fate worse than death will not happen in the finale, but in the 11th show (which was announced in the "craft a god" event in GPO), where we get to create our god with the blood tears.
  • My guess is the "main" plot is going to revolve around the war between the ageless and the paladins, both of whom decided to go to war with one another. At some point, the Ageless might even bring Golestadt into the mix as a trump card.

    As a background story however, The order of chaos will likely be keeping tabs on what is going on, and likely pulling some strings, when it looks like one side has a solid advantage over the other, they'll introduce the "fate worse then death" god that we've been unknowingly creating through various "one or the other" donations / selection events throughout the campaign.

    This god will proceed to shake things up, possibly slay Golestadt, and maybe, JUUUST maybe, even cause a temporary alliance between the ageless and the paladins to deal with a possibly world-ending threat. That, or more likely tip the scales in favor of the currently loosing faction, as the Order of chaos is more interested in keeping the conflict going rather then seeing one side win over the other.
  • it's earlier in the timeline, i think it is gonna be about the paladins capturing of Golestadt and fight against the cult of bones. the big question is how the chosen old god fits in to the story and how it is. would be fitting that the one how got chosen choosing the old god ending over the dragon ending ended up being the chosen old god to kill Bruce.
  • hoping for dragon fight.
  • @LexderMob
    what makes you think it's earlier in the timeline?
  • @TamTroll
    i mean Bruce is in it and he’s dead currently according to Bopen so it kinda has to be in the past
  • @TamTroll The DD from last Campaign is about how Bruce Willakers dies in this upcoming Campaign (either to a Dragon or a Creation made by the Order of Chaos). And since Bruce is dead in most of the Campaigns, it's safe to assume the Campaign is in the past.
  • @friskyBrisky

    ahh okay that'd make sense.

    could be similar to senate of deadlantis where different acts take place in different time periods i suppose. otherwise you're probably right.
  • it's gonna be Porc Hunters again but every player is coe
  • 30% of the campaign is going to be cheesy meta jokes. At the end of the campaign its going to be really serious and then maelstroms going to come out with cheesy jokes. I can’t wait
  • Lance Willakers will play a part. As he was defeated but not killed. 
  • @TamTroll  Yeah like the others Said, Thats what i bast it on. In the last campaign (not the Dead Realms) we saw Bruce alive during the first ageless War, and That is the latest point in the time line we seen him alive. So i think he probably dies turing the war and the capturing of Golestadt would involve a Dragon so that's makes Me guess That is when it will take place. But i could easy be wrong, are just guessing most of it.
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