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Positivity Thread

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So the goal here is to just flood this thread with positivity, compliment the person who's comment is above yours and then leave some general positivity it can be kind words good news whatever as long as its positive I'll start

(I've got nobody to compliment) I recently adopted a puppy and he's adorable and his name is Token


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    @Kingedyou You're such a nice person to start this thread!  :) Urealms is just great and I'm glad to be part of this community!
  • Im in a Class at school where I can make memes the whole time
    its lit fam
    *dab dab dab*

  • @Rein @Helicoly you're both pretty awesome <3
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    Everyone in this thread is so nice to each other as well as the general Urealms fan community, I love a nice wholesome chat every now and again. In terms of nice news, I am back in college for my second to last semester, and everyone in my classes are pretty awesome. 
  • To anyone reading this thread, have a great day! 
  • Hi, I'm Buzz Killington, king of Negativity Town, and I'm here to tell you all:
    Have an excellent day. You've all worked hard this week and deserve to have the best day, week, month, and year humanly possible.
  • You're all great people! No matter what's going on in your lives remember that you're loved! Even if you think otherwise!
  • Spreading love is an amazing activity, and it's really cool that you're doing so now @PokeMastar ;
    This thread is already amazing, and I'm glad I can be apart of it.
  • This thread is the example of why URealms is a community I'm happy to be a part of, @Sigpiru I did a bit of snooping on your profile, and I'm happy to see that you are someone willing to put in a bit of work to expanding the community, and always a positive influence toward others.
  • @Ymnar ; your beard is quite fantastic 
  • @TristionSaiara and you are quite fantastic too,
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