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Your First Character made with the Mod :D (And Mine)


  • She only has 51 stam but she's a insane dps, she can do 100 damage 5 turns in a row
  • My first character ever mod or not: Akima :)

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    I recreated my draws on the Character creator so I could read it better.

    I really lucked out and rolled a 20 for gold, then I got durable on a black boar. Not sure how Aqua Cannon works with Lifetapper (would it do 40 damage). But I have 6 Anytimes and I think there is a ridiculous combo with Aqua Cannon, Gift of earth (assuming I get low health) and Fiesta.
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    @Vongeo ya guy, ye need to shuffle the cornerstones and attributes and every deck before you use it, 'cos if you reload the mod you'll get wanted and durable, like my guy here

    By the by, my second 100% random character is


    There ya go, my character is a Forgotten Dwelf who raised herself to be a Spellthief. A lot of surviving (winter coat of protection) and thievery (the whole spellthief thing and the starpick) in this character, all due to her youth raising herself on the streets. And she has no last name, because she has no idea what it is.

  • @Dart Ah, I shuffled most of the decks, but those two must of not have been. 
  • I made a whole party! They ended up pretty broken, able to blind the whole map then cover it in terrain and warp enemies into it.

  • I accidentally made a legit Legend for my first Character XD
    The Lore should be something like: Trained by the first Sharpswordsman Verto had a big part in spreading the way of the Sharpswords as he heroicly died protecting a whole city alone against an army of ageless.

    Character creation is awesome I just wanted to try this rolled a 1 for my money as a Keen but still managed to make this beast of a person. This is the best!

  • Me and my friend @nyppto ;made our first characters today, went really good. :smileneena: 



    They work really well together with Reginald moving foes onto rough terrain and giving Abimmy no-roll bonus actions to tailwind and quicksand them all around the battlefield. 
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    I thought about uploading my first character but i had a power cut just as i was getting ready and it deleted my dwarf sandbender  :(
  • My first character ended up as a mechasurfing, swammie dealer, who can summon a companion from her crystal ball (I imagine it's like a pokeball). Who can spam the entire map with difficult terrain. Oh and also is a sadist.  :wow: 
    Beathany Yoalthi (nickname Bea)

  • Bas Gardan is a Seeker Dwelf who murder the head of an eleven magic school after not being accepted because he is half dwarf.
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    Pyrimidus, a highly powerful wizard who is apart of the paladin order. He left his bad life that he purposely forgot about to become the wizard he is today. Kinda like Dr.Strange deal
  • SharpSword Dwelf, Who is a beggar and Durable. While having a whole arsenal of skills, he is poor as hell and his weapon is a tiny iron dirk.
  • Okay technically my second character, but the first a thought to save.
    My buds and I had the theme "minions" and we ran buck wild where I was Alejandro the Noble Theurgist who sat in the back while sending waves of earthlords an air spirits to bring a foe to their knees. While my friends made a Fleshweaver of potpuppies with Sacrificial Lamb Bombs and a Suncleric with Cleric Sticks.

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    Not exactly my first but the one I'm most proud of
    Rolled for gold and got a nine which gave him 720 gold and I got very lucky with card pulls.
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    these are the first 4 i made (in order), i was blessed with 2 20s for gold rolls. i actually had so much fun making them that i made lore for them that is now part of my headcannon. my favorite one so far is the porc spellslinger
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    I made a super tanky minion master. She can start with a whole lot of minions and then double spawn them and then triple spawn them. With all of the passives she has and the special sword she has she got a whole lot of extra health.

  • I ended up getting a potpuppy off of the loyalcompanion so now my guy just sits in the back spawning pot puppies Pot_Puppy_Arena_Owner_Rotolt.
  • first party made, Bjort_Stormstick is a Dwarven Suncleric with 93 stamina, Rebecca_Schn is a keen lumberjack with 84 stamina, Engel is a black boar rouge with 114 stamina, and finally Hasslich the Porc concubine ranger with 148 stamina. 
    For gold roles Bjort had a 16, Rebecca had a 14, Engel had a 14 and Hasslich had a 7. At the end of CC Hasslich had 250 gold left giving 25 stamina because of midasfist, Bjort ended up with a minus 15 to stamina because of jingoist but made it up with 28 stamina from ankhofkallisto. The lifelink was from Hasslich's flamboyant and with Bjort's wigglywrench made the party have a net 143 stamina from 100 gold alone. Rebecca's emo attribute had given her gumiohelectrocutorrighteousfury, pinatamorph, and with the 5 spell scrolls from messenger her inventory was nearly full besides two weapon and two passive slots and with getting armoredpartner as one of the passives she has a 100 stamina companion that can take damage on her behalf. 
    Because limiteds do not take up an action and can be used at anytime in season 3 this party can do massive damage using most of the limiteds they have.
    Basic Attacks are always doubled because of combatbanner
    All but 1 stamina is being transferred to Hasslich from lifelink: combined stamina 436
    1. Hasslich uses augment for fire
    2. Gumioh uses spellfury on Hasslich
    3. Bjort uses solareclipse,with bonus Bjort uses swammie, Rebecca Basic Attacks(20) and with packhunters uses luckyfox, Engel Basic Attacks Hasslich(426 left),with succubuswhip Hasslich now has 3 bonus actions Hasslich uses 3 iceshot and with spellfury 6 iceshots (30 each, 180).
    4. Bjort moves closer to enemies with a 15 move
    5. Engel uses powderedelaphelkhorn, Bjort uses sunstrike(20), Rebecca Basic Attacks(20), Hasslich uses Ice shot(60), and because of arcanolute Engel Basic attacks Hasslich(416) granting 2 more actions, Hasslich uses 2 ice shots (120).
    6. Engel uses powerleveler on Hasslich, Hasslich uses 4 ice shots(240), Engel basic attacks Hasslich(406), Hasslich uses 2 ice shots(120).
    7. Hasslich uses grandfinale, Hasslich does nothing, Rebecca does nothing, Engel uses power leveler on Hasslich, and Bjort uses Solar eclipse, Bjort uses sunstrike(20), Rebecca Basic attacks(20), Engel has 2 actions both basic attacks on Hasslich(386), Hasslich now has 9 actions all being Ice Shot(540).
    8. Engel uses masochism on Hasslich(12 times)(26 Stamina left) then Engel basic attacks Hasslich(16), now Hasslich has 26 actions all being Ice shot(1560).
    total damage 2,920
    still have not used any actions besides Bjort's move
    if anything was a Critical Hit during this, then Engel is fully healed from heartwalllocket, letting Hasslich have 113 more stamina, which gives atleast 3 more basic attacks during Masochism, so each critical would deal 360 damage. 
    This also requires Hasslich and Engel to not role a 1 at anypoint, but if they do then Rebecca can have Gumioh cast dejavu then start all over again.
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    Orion is the first character I made for a S3 campaign to play in.  I've made several characters when experimenting with friends and making NPCs in my campaigns, as well as S2 characters.
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