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Summarize Porcs

I love Porcs and they are one of my favorite Races in Urealms. Because of how unique they are they give me plenty of ways to build a crazy and weird character. A friend of mine is DMing a unique online webgame with obvious inspirations from several other works such as the SCP Foundation, Judge Dredd, and Dark Souls, so I am hoping I can make a Porc character. The problem though is that Porcs have a lot of weird lore and story behind them, so I want to get some help from the community to compile it all here in a easy to understand format so that he can quickly understand all there is to know about the lovely Porc. Can I get some help here?


  • You may find the information listed on the wiki Porcs page useful:
  • A portmanteau of Pig and Orc, with literally nothing else in common with either.
  • Silly big tribal pig people.
  • hE BIG
    sHE PINK

    Typing this makes me feel sick, so instead I'm going to throw up in a pit and push pigs inside so I can create more of me.
  • Wait for the next Coe's Quest episode. It's about porc lore.
  • Bumbling stupid hobos is criteria nearly all of them meet 
  • Okay. From an RPG mechanic perspective, Your character is pretty large, like 6 foot or more. Your character is really strong and has reasonable endurance and poison resistance. And your character can eat almost anything might also have a poison breath weapon.

    As well, while Porcs themselves are very intelligent. They tend to be skewed somewhat. If you have any experience with the RPG system "Mutants and Masterminds" you could probably find all the parts you need to make a basic Porc. But I think you generally know what Porcs do. Just tell your DM what you want it to be flavored like, and the GM will probably give you the tools to do it.
  • Monotrme pig-like humanoids who can only reproduce by dunking a live pig into a pool of one of their many kinds of vomit.

    they're big, they're strong, they're dumb, and sometimes they can spit acid.
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