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I love how Phineas still yells "Yeah!" if i roll a 1 for the day

Like, thanks for being happy that I failed! Its in character for him I guess, being a Barringster lol.


  • Phineas and his positive attitude.
  • Would be kinda funny to have Douglass just bust in with a Awwwwwh Geeeez if we get a 1 xD
  • @Blight either that or the evil Bopen laugh >_<
  • @Blight
    Now I want this.
  • I wish there was an option to turn off the sound or just use a regular dice rolling sound. Everything about the dice rolling sounds hurts my ears.
  • edited August 2018
    @Harkmagic If you're on desktop, right click the tab and hit "mute site"

  • I tend to just press the button and then go to the general discussion right away. The roll is decided as soon as you click the button, so you will still get your exp/gold.
  • @Blight I would want to only roll 1's just to hear that haha
  • Maybe have it so on VERY rare occasions instead of Phineas saying "Yeah!" it's Bopen "Laughing" and you lose some exp, Phineas20 = +150exp , Bopen20 = -75exp, lose half of what you would of gained.
  • yeah because I just love to get screwed on a 20. This ain't deadrealms...

    The "aw jeez" on a 1 would be hilarious though, that would definitely give me a smile any day.
  • maybe when you roll a 20 the "yeah" could have a echo or alternatively it could be BOOOOONNNNNNEEEESSSS
  • I would like to second the motion for "Awww Geeeze" on 1's
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