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Animating favorite moments

I've been practicing my animation and I was wondering if anyone had any urealms clips they want animated? I just don't know what to animate right now and urealms has a lot of funny moments.


  • The one moment that comes to mind was just outside the cave in the Cobblers Campaign where little Justin is being forced to rip the heart out of the boss and take a bite. Its just so funny to me thinking back
  • I mean I'm looking for clips though. Its tedious to go back through old campaigns,so I was checking to see if anyone had timestamps before I go and do it myself.
  • Ah, well here it is: 
    Starting at 51:42
  • IDK man that's kind of long I'm just going to rewatch the clown campaign and see if there's any good clips this weekend
  • Official Clown Business.
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