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The Top 20 Mightiest Old Gods (Level Rankings)



  • Here we be at level 23!
  • Am level 23 now, don't know if I can be counted as one of the mightiest anymore with some of the donations the others are dropping, but I'll always throw my hat in the ring. 
  • wooo finally 23 \o/
  • Made it to 27!
  • Made it to 23 (was 5 exp off yesterday). Not sure if I still qualify or not but hey.
  • oh hey 25
  • So sorry for the extremely late reply to all the new messages! Been super busy this summer! >.< But as I catch this live show I saw to it to update everyone's levels! <3
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    @Astora you missed mine. 
    I noticed i was 23 on june 29th, the comment is somewhere middle of page 21. (i should be 13th, right behind six)

    edit: i feel like this comment looks rude, and it was definitely not meant that way. i really appreciate that you're still updating this.
  • I get it Astora, life gets busy
  • @Astora Thanks for keeping it going, know we all appreciate it  :)
  • Yeah, Astora, we appreciate you keeping this updated
  • Not on the list sadly, but I'm glad to be super close!

    I've sadly missed one or 2 streams (I know I missed Deadrealms cause I forgot it was a thing), and I've had a couple streak drops for the daily, but otherwise I've done a decent job keeping up with y'all lol
  • @magnetised I'm sorry! I updated you right now. :)

    And thank you all so much for understanding <3
  • @Astora i should have just waited a day or two with replying. Im 24 now
  • @magnetised lol I just updated you!
  • 25 and slowly falling asleep!  ~_~
  • I am level 25.
  • I'm at 9,392 / 9,500xp. Sooo close to level 20!

    admittedly thought 20 was the cap. guess not! :P
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    " I'm at 9,392 / 9,500xp. Sooo close to level 20!

    admittedly thought 20 was the cap. guess not! :P "

    One "15" roll later and here i am! Shame this came a day late. level 20 would have been a cool birthday present on the 8th :P
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    Yay! Finally got to lvl 20!
  • Mwahahaha. Just two more levels until I am level 30.
  • This thread is why I really should remember my dailies
  • People at 25 have donated right? I have not missed any campaigns and I have gotten nearly every day's roll after the initial 2 weeks 
  • @ThePhatSass ; I'm going to assume so. I've missed about 3 weeks worth of rolls, but have gotten everyone I could since day 1 and I'm a few levels behind you. So those any higher definitely donated. Nothing wrong with that though! Hope I can throw some big money the guys' way in the future.
  • Ya I'm real excited for the season finale because I finally have some disposable income to throw rawb's way
  • @Cloud Did you donate the first couple of seasons? That makes a big difference. 
  • @Shuckle ;
    Barely donated haha. I hope to more.
  • Well @Shuckle ;
    you dethroned me but we are on close footing at this 28th level
  • Level 24 now. Almost in the top 10. So close yet so far.
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    I think I've only missed 2 days and only donated $10 and made it to all campaign but I'm almost level 24. There are also the gambling events to take into account. While double down required you to pay for it the pony race was free. So there is a bit of leeway.
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