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Conspiracy Theory

So today it hit me... Rob is dead and has been replaced by a AI neural network that he trained using his tweets and urealms videos. It has learned that tweeting frequently makes the internet happy... Or maybe Rob is actually sick... My idea sounds more fun! What is your theory?

(Feel better Rob)


  • Can't be, he wouldn't be making so many typos if he was an AI.
  • @Mainegor
    The AI is learning how to perfectly emulate Rob, clever girl.
  • An AI would learn that Rob makes typos and mimic that, it's full proof!
  • @Mainegor I just laughed really loud in class, thanks lol
  • Rob is actually a divine being born in the urealms world. But for some reason he got banished from their world. To do his revenge he needs to find souls willing to worship him and his creations. 
    Whit enough followers his magic can cross the border of the worlds and influence the happenings in urealms to troll their world and/or get revenge on the ones who banished him.

    The campaigns are nothing more then temporarily portals/windows into urealms world.
  • @Simona Or true stories from the realm? Maybe he IS Bopen!
  • Rob is a U.S. government agent trying to brainwash all of his viewers into believing that a Canadian could achieve something as great as URlive. (Too mean?)
  • I think Rob got enslaved by the chinese government to make their citizens surrender their basic human rights for internet points.  >:)
  • He's actually getting an army of Jimmies to murder James for interrupting him so many times.
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