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WoW Battle For Azeroth launches tonight! Do you have any leveling/endgame tips/trick?

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In just a couple hours is World of Warcraft 8.0 Battle for Azeroth going to be launched and i know we have some WoW players in the community. I'm wondering if we can share some nice tips for leveling your mains in a new expansion/share tips specific for BFA.

Some of my tips:
  • Empty out the junk in your bags, you will need the extra space for collecting all the new shiny thing you find.
  • Empty your quest log.
  • Buy and learn the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth in Dalaran for ~10K (Sold in both old and new Dalaran by Mei Drancis), it comes with an armor repair NPC you can sell your junk items to. 
  • Use up the Flasks/Runes/Consumables you have left from Legion while leveling for the extra stats.
  • If you have a lot of legion buff food left can you use it to regain HP/Mana while gaining extra stats.
  • Enable your War Mode in Stormwind/Orgrimmar in your Talents Tab. War Mode Enables World PVP but it is unlikely you encounter enemy players early on. War Mode also grants you the rewards: Increased quest rewards, up to 10% bonus XP, PVP talents become active granting you more damage/healing.
  • Get Skinning/Mining/Herbing since early on in an expansion can the collectet mats be sold for a large amount of gold due to everybody skilling their professions, making mats sell more easily on the AH. Skinning can be used on mobs killed by players without skinning which means free leather if you have skinning. If BFA has a skill relearning item like Legion wouldn't it hurt and if it doesn't, you havent learned any BFA recipes yet anyway.
  • For characters with Skinning: the toy Mother's Skinning knife is a great item during early expansions.
  • Select 2 Legion Legendaries to use for leveling and put the rest in your bank, remember they stop working at level 116.

Tips of my guildies:
Trade Chat tips:
  • stay close to the Uldum portal (might have to do with the 1st quest since silithus is next to uldum with the sargaras sword)

World wide countdown:


  • @Konpaatre ; Release was so fun. We had a large mammoth train in orgrimmar on my server
  • I fondly remember WoW. I had a blood elf BM huntard. I miss WoW. But I've moved on to other MMOs and games. I'll never forget my level 10 pet. Fluffy, the kitty that went with me everywhere. And Spike. The semi exploity wolf that shared a model with the horde black war worg model. People in PVP and open world really thought that was cool my mount fought with me.

    I've heard some mixed things about wow since I left before Lich King himself was raidable. I'm glad people still have legitimate joy and passion for wow. And it's not a fan base of cynical players.
  • @nikiduke My original plan was to go to bed at 20:00 and wake up around 4:00 since i had the 1st 2 days off... well i couldn't sleep and left my bed at 23:30 to discover at 23:45 the login server was once again broken at launch night.

    Around 2:30 was i able to log in and started questing my resto druid main up to 113 and went to bed at 6:00. at around 10:00 i woke up from a 4 hour nap and started to stream my leveling. Later that day was one of my warlock guildies (also one of top dps of my guild) just starting his BFA journey so we decided to start questing together in Tigirarde Sound. 

    My idea was i heal him while he tanks/kills everything, NOPE! I still can't believe how OP he is, he literally pulls everything in range and kills them without any mob even touching him in around 5 to 10 seconds! (massive step up as a resto druid) I ended up getting to level 118 that day and went to bed.

    At day 2 i reached 120 and started the rep/gear grind.
  • @Konpaatre ; I got to 120 on day one with my undead warrior. It felt really good to reach max again. Also the vulpera were adorable. Ill probably level my worgen hunter to max aswell in a few days.
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