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Who is your favorite character in Urealms and why?



  • Johnny Feo with that deadshot of his always leads to some epic moments 
  • I like Khn'n-rell he was a fun character to watch I love insane people who are also just complete bad asses
  • I really loved morgana marie. Her "southern bell" charm was really great and her character was even better after the gender change 
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    Michael Langstrom. He was probably the least vibrant PC in Woodcarvers, but his character arc in regards to Taylor was great. Rob played him well too. I think he's had the saddest story in URealms so far  :(
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  • Maelstrom, just Maelstrom. There is not much to say on the matter.
  • Nikers Fontain as the unsung hero, would sacrifice his life to save any friend.  Also a total badass.
  • K4 just because of how much of a curse he is
  • Thea Mazing. Yes. Also Kallark; he's just so much of a bag of ducks and a terrible person yet he has that flip-flop in Silvermine Mountains that makes him super interesting. All of Deadbones' characters are super interesting, really!
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    ... Noxel's Nameless Gobolf Squire from Kobold Headhunters. There was something about his optimism in becoming a Berserker that was endearing to me, and his demeanor was hilarious. Shame he died in the Encounter right after he joined.
  • Orvan Weiss for being the old guy who's done everything. He was just so funny and DB did such a good job with him.
  • My favorite character is Nikers Fontain because he sacrificed himself to let other characters escape the Den.
  • I personally love Karl Landers due to the fact that he is the prime example of good dice rolls creating an awesome character. I also like Maelstrom and Bopen because the mystery behind them. However, Coe playing James Briggs was amazing and really was cool how funny playing to an attribute can create a hilarious and cool character 
  • I'm gonna have to go with Michael Langstrom. His character arc from Woodcarvers to Den of Devils has got to be my favorite in the show.
  • in terms of apperance I want to say from your art Raynell since she looks so much more dynamic now, to an astonishingly shocking degree, and from K's art Carell who is still my favorite character becuase deadbones playing a bad manager role is really amusing to me. Apart from that for lore reasons I'd go Bopen becuase he's so damn interesting, and in terms of funniest character I'd have to go with Roamin's mole character, the first barringstar I wish I rememmebred his name
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    James Briggs. There's something about a blind bodyguard that attacks walls that is really endearing. :p
  • Jimmy Blant! I hope for his return someday
  • Mealstrom has to be, in new crew he was so mysterious. But in skeleton king showed that he knows when we watch and will try to manipulate us for the benefit of him self.
  • It's gotta be Jimmy Blant.
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    Nikers Fontain. He was a hero till the end. Never forget.

  • Albert is 100% the best character. His character development is amazing, he has such a large impact on those in the band of thieves and he really made Urealms what it is today. Just kidding. I really love Cain. Deadbones had me in fits of hysteria in the 9th campaign of season 1.
  • My favorite is a tie between Kallark and Jormr. I love tragic characters and these two are the characters that personify this the best, with Kallark getting his heart broken walking into the sunset with only an imaginary friend and poor Jormr, the sad clown porc who loves everyone and is used constantly be the woman he loves and "his boy".
  • I love Bearo, I'm pretty sure that's how it's spelled, but Milbee (spelling?) plays such goofy characters and I love that. I love Justin's characters too for that reason, they just don't all stick out as much, K4 is an obvious exception and another character that I think everyone loves too
  • Rusty from The Silver Mine mountains is pretty stand-out for me. I enjoy those kinds of scum-bag type characters, plus I was impressed that Justin actually stuck to the repeating words roleplay schtick, which is certainly something I wouldn't have the energy to do. I also pretty much like any Goblin that has ever been played on the show - shame they got booted from being playable, really.

  • Jax Blartowitz and Sly Johnson from the Buckeroos were great characters from Coe and Justin. Honestly all the guys' characters from that campaign were great. I think how almost all of them were satires of stereotypes make it so funny.
  • I know, Mine is Snitch McGitch simply for his truly inventive name mixed along with his unnecessary involvements of a tester campaign i was hosting and even lead to an entire legacys of 'McGitch' and  McGatch' Nobel families..... Its nice to get good mileage out of simple jokes.
    (McGitch family motto: McGatches get Patches) & (McGatch family motto: McGitches get Stitches)
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    +1 for Orvan Weiss. I really loved the way DB played that character. Also Borracho
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    From a gameplay perspective, man I loved Jonny Feo, with the amazing and totally not broken all in/high noon combo with giant's blood triple damage and then a legendary to boot. :smilebold: 
    Roleplay and as a character however, Lunk, the tiny gnome with the huge bearzerk who went to be a hero and did exactly that. Some great moments, especially saying that he was literally stabbed in the back after Gracias complained about their 'friendship'. :evilsmile: 
  • Cain has got to be one of my favourite characters. When DeadBones pulled out the little kobold skull that Cain called "Tom" and started talking for him I lost it.  :)
  • I've managed to get it down to 3 characters
    Orvan Weiss - Mainly because I just love his look especially with his new art
    Reno Gillgully - TRUTH JUSTICE LOVE
    Jebediah - I love the doomsayer character idea and after he got his self sacrificial legendary and began risking his own life to kill the dragons welplings and save the party, I just loved it
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