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every roll a crit

fluentinkobold + schizophrenic + mischievous + lucky + madnesspotion may god have mercy on anything standing in your way


  • and god have mercy on you for how many crit fails your gonna get
  • Technically still have 1/6th chance of having a roll be both a non-Crit and a non-Crit Fail, assuming 4s don't count as high rolls. So not every roll a Crit/Crit-Fail, but a heck of a lot of 'em. Higher chance for Crits than Roamin did last campaign, I think.
  • Rob
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    There is no such thing as a High/Low Roill on a D6 tho. It be easier to just use the coin lol.
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    Wouldn't 2-4 not be crits. Meaning that there a 1/8 chance it not a crit of ether type. Also not sure how doubles work with madness potion. I think I know what you did to get a guaranteed though. You added percents (33% crit on each die) making 100%, but in reality you need to time the chance of not getting a crit (in this case eather of the crits) to get the chance of not getting a crits (the previous mention 1/8), then subtract that by 100. Don't worry, I did the same thing when talking about Roamin crits chance. It wasn't till I did 6 dice with Roamin to realize that was 120% that it was wrong. That doesn't make sense on a d20 when there 16 numbers that where not crits and you rolling 6 dice. By the way, calculating the odds of a crit and a crit fail independently is way harder since you have to do since you have to calculate the chance that a crit fail doesnt show up with a crit on the dice.  I would have to actually write that math out to figure it out, so maybe another time
  • Well regardless of what you do there will always be a 1/6 chance of falling seeing as a crit-fail always overpowers a crit-success.
  • Ok so 3 dies and 1/6 of rolling a 1 in all so like 50% of the time you would crit fail, witch overpowers a crit soooooo really its just all rolls are coins
  • @xa44 42.1% chance of failing, but yeah. Pretty high odds.

  • Assuming you have Fluent in Kobold and Lucky, you would crit if either roll was 15 through 20, which is 6 places you can crit, so there's a 14/20 chance of not making a high roll, square this to get 196/400 which is the chance of not making a high roll, subtract all possibilities by this and we get 204/400 as the odds of rolling at least one high roll. We need to take into account a few factors to make this accurate for crit chances though.

    Critical fails will override any criticals and double critical fails is not a crit. We'll first off add the possibilities for doubles which is 13 since we don't want to double up on possibilities for high rolls or count double critical fails so adding that we get 217/400 possibilities to crit not including any crit fail things. Now we need to remove the possibility for critical fails when they match up with a 15 through 20 crit, so that's 6 possibilities for one die and double that for the other die being a crit fail. Removing 12 possibilites that's 205/400 which gives us our final chance of rolling a critical hit, 51.25%. This is supported by a program that I ran to approximate the probability.

    I'll just do quick program approximations for the rest since it'll be less time consuming and won't be an hour long post to read.

    Fluent in Kobold + Lucky + Madness Potion - 64.28% Crit Chance & 14.26% Crit Fail Chance

    Fluent in Kobold + Lucky - 51.25% Crit Chance & 9.75% Crit Fail Chance

    Fluent in Kobold + Madness Potion - 25.23% Crit Chance & 14.26% Crit Fail Chance

    Lucky + Madness Potion - 58.26% Crit Chance & 14.26% Crit Fail Chance

    Lucky - 48% Crit Chance & 9.75% Crit Fail Chance

    Madness Potion - 12.83% Crit Chance & 14.26% Crit Fail Chance

    I'd probably say Lucky + Madness Potion is the most feasible one and I'd definitely take the extra 5% crit fail chance for an extra 10% crit chance. Apologies for the long post, if there's some situation I missed that you want to see just ask.

  • Imagine drawing Unlucky instead of Mischievous.
  • Madness Potion + Unlucky - 7.88% Crit Chance & 57.81% Crit Fail Chance
    Madness Potion + Lucky + Unlucky - 33.08% Crit Chance & 57.81% Crit Fail Chance
    Madness Potion + Fluent in Kobold + Lucky + Unlucky - 35.88% Crit Chance & 57.81% Crit Fail Chance

    Wow, for the last one you have a 93.69% chance to either critically fail or critically succeed. Ultra wack.
  • @CaesarBarringster
    I was just going off some light math in my head still 42% is just like no don't 
  • @Dancorps13 No because the Low/High rule was made for D20s. There is no low/high rule for D6s, thus there is no such thing.
  • Ahh. Got it Rob. Your first message didn't show up while I was doing mine. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • @Whoneedspacee What about being a kobold? That will have different odds than having Fluent in Kobold
  • Wew I'm a bit late to this one eh @TheWizard ;

    Kobold + Lucky - 48% Crit Chance & 9.75% Crit Fail Chance

    Kobold + Unlucky - 7.25% Crit Chance & 43.74% Crit Fail Chance

    Kobold + Lucky + Unlucky - 36% Crit Chance & 43.74% Crit Fail Chance

  • Getting flashbacks to when Deadbones rarely got those critical failures as a kobold despite being unlucky.
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