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  • the villain absolutely HATES farming
  • The villain is an avid writer, despite not knowing how to read he just writes never reads
  • Villian has many crazy fetishes, though he is very secretive about them.
  • If it wasn't already stated, Villain's hair is long, straight and blonde. His mane reaches down to his lower back, however his bangs aren't further than chin length and are styled incredibly well to frame his features. He has blue eyes.
  • (i have a feeling people are forgetting the villain is a fluffbold)
  • just means its a golden fluffbold with blue eyes I guess?
  • The villains "villainous evil lair of evil" (Official title)
    Is a giant dark tower in the middle of a field. Very close to a remote village
  • The field surrounding the "villainous evil lair of evil" is always full of bright colorful wildflowers, and the weather is always perfect, bright sunny days, beautiful moonlight nights, never rains. Children regularly sing and play in the field.
  • Unicorns and rabbits inhabit the field or flowers. And only unicorns and rabbits. No other animals.
  • The Villain has a trusty Unicorn as a Mount, companion, and something he can vent to. His Unicorn rmits an aura of rainbows, purity, and general wholesomeness. But, if someone other than him were to kill his Unicorn, the Unicorn will magically reanimate itself, and turn into a Dark Unicorn, feared by all. This Dark Unicorn has the power to destroy cities on its own, and can only be tamed by its previous owner, the villain, who's love amd affection for the unicorn while it was still pure, was greater than the hatred the Dark Unicorn gives off. 

    Also, the unicorn smells liks mint. 
  • The name of the villains trusty unicorn mount is Agolmar The death that prances
  • Despite Agolmar being a unicorn, she actually doesn't have a horn. 
  • i wanna see an image of this guy and his various companions now. not gunna lie.
  • Villain Von Badguy III cannot be captured in image, all attempts to draw or paint him result in a confused mess that can't be identified as a person. Mirrors and other reflective surfaces seem to cloud over when reflecting him.
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    The gift the villain has that is more viewed as a curse is his meta knowledge 

    Also is this just an SCP urealms edition? because this is going weird places
  • What do you mean going weird? We hit that mark 15 comments in @ThePhatSass
  • i wonder if / when this thing should stop. going to be pretty messy as it is.
  • If any of this becomes too much to fit in the campaign, the villain will instead joke about all the optional content or dlc the players missed out on.
  • Of course they can pay gold for the full experience @Lucius_E
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    The Old God’s blessing/curse is that he can change what is cannon and not cannon of himself, each change having a large unexpected outcome of the world around him. 
  • Agolmar is actually the villain's brother trapped in a unicorn's body, forced to endlessly serve as an animal for the rest of his days for an unknown reason, and longs for one last moment as a person again, as he still has his original mind. The villain is none the wiser and thinks it's a normal unicorn mount.
  • The villain believes his brother was murdered by dwarves. 
  • Despite being a flufbold and being German the villain has a top hat and monocle 
  • The villain only sips tea through his nose
  • the villain has the ability to travel to an alternate dimension where he was named really helpful nice guy and lived up to his name. he now travels to that dimension once a month and hangs out with his other self who gets along with him very well
  • Villian is the reincarnation of Bob Ross in the URelams universe
  • The villain also dabbles in Necromancy sometimes
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    The villains necromancy only works on fingers. 
  • The villain's abused child sometimes will disguise themself as a cat to avoid their father. The child deeply hates cats and is terrified of being one, despite the disguising.
  • The villain finds a sexual attraction to stepping on the ground, if the ground is unique in some way he finds it harder to hide. most stone dirt and roads wont affect him that much visually, but inside his head he gets tingly.
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