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Zeeboon's Collection Of Scribbly Scrawlings



  • Oof, I love what you did with the feet to allude to the environment as apposed to going all in on the background. Good stuff my dude!
  • Been a while since I posted anything so I thought I'd make a quick crappy doodle of the most wholesome siblings in Urealms lore.
    Thanks to Roamin for making last nights campaign so amazing.

  • D'oho, Quineas looks adorable with that missing tooth. Nice work!
  • Ted Pirate Bruno (drawn before his appearance changed multiple times during the campaign)
    Millbee is really determined to stay the wildcard of the players, but I have no complaints. :smile: 

  • lol, this is great. Perfectly captures how uncanny he is.

    (also with that sword it kinda looks like he's ready to slay some apostles :p)
  • @Noubi  ; "It's more like a tiny hunk of Iron."
    Heh I was actually thinking of both the Dragonslayer and Buster Sword when I was drawing it.

  • That’s amazing
  • Bernard W. Akers the Nth, consuming the royal sandwich, as is tradition.
  • Truly majestic, well done my dude!
  • A quick sketch of our handsome babysitter & talented Synthist. I actually had to drop out in the middle of the campaign so I haven't finished watching it yet, gonna take a look at the VOD soon.

  • edited January 2019
    Doodle of the Wooly Mammoth I did during yesterday's campaign. Haven't finished the campaign yet, I had to drop out after the second combat.

    That first combat though :wow: 
  • Pfew, it's been a while since I've posted in this thread. :oh: 
    Last Saturday's campaign was fun, immediately loved Roamin's character, and I started drawing him while watching live, and while catching up on the VOD after I had to leave the stream halfway.
    So here's Aff telling one of his stories about past crewmates.
  • @Zeeboon
    fantastic work as usual.
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