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  • Howdy! I'm Alaric42, and I've been a huge URealms Live fan from the start. I was a little young for the original URealms, but I fell in love with the streams since the 25 year fire and have never stopped laughing since. Also, I love you all >_<
  • Hi, I'm Draleano (also known as bacarr2000). I was introduced to Rob through Pauseunpause. I have been a fan of Urealms since the first campaign and am very excited for season 3!
  • Hi, I'm Honeystorm. :3
    I'm just a lurker who's been a fan of Rob's for the past few years. :)
  • Hello! I'm Jinx, (although I was debating on switching to 'Roses' but too late to change it now)
    I have been a fan of Robs content sense the early stages of DvZ and continue to be now. I'm new to the forums and have remained more to myself for the most part but now that the new forums are up, I want to become part of the community. I make some character art and play/create D&D campaigns.
    I look forwards to the upcoming season and whatever happens on here,
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    I am his lordship and all round cool guy Ron Fairham Fairham. Don't let my breasts fool you us Dveger Dveger have the problem of stones forming beneath the skin in odd places as we grow old, I just so happen to have them in an awkward spot spot.
  • Hello, I'm Kelp, a french artist student.
    I discovered Rob through Etho back on DvZ, but only started to follow him around the time of Lords of Minecraft.
  • Hello! I'm Nyrrix on here. I was formerly Raxtus76 on the Buffalowizards subreddit. I have been a fan of Rob ever since I discovered DvZ on the old Play Mindcrack Server. I have played on both the DvZ and LoM server extensively where I my minecraft username was CRT15, but is now Nyrrix as well. I have been watching URealms ever since Roamin's Band of Thieves.
  • Hi, I'm Gimme! Long time lurker in this community! I love Urealms and everything about it.
    I'm really excited for season 3! 

    Back to lurking  ~_~
  • Hi, I'm a rampaging pyro who likes to burn everything in his path. For real though, I have been a fan of Rob's since the old DVZ times but I never really got into the community. However, I hope to be a part of this one.
  • Hi I'm a rampaging pyro who likes to burn everything in his path. For real though I have been a fan of Rob's since the old DVZ times but I never really got into the community. However I hope to be a part of this one.
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    Sup! Im DoctorWorm over on reddit I go by TheDrWorm. From old DvZ streams with pause and etho to two player is where i hopped on board the community.

    Old DnD 3.5 player, currently spend most my spare time on FFXIV so if anyone is on Ultros hit me up Purma Melko

    Looking forward to chatting and  playing some Urealms with you guys!
  • Hey there folks! I'm Maky, I've been following Rob since the Choose the Night DvZ stream under a few different names, but I started to get into the community with LoM about three years ago now. I'm happy to see the new forums up and active, and I can't wait for season 3!
  • Yerrrrr, it's your boy DDM. Been following Rob's stuff for a minute now ever since the Newgrounds days. I am silently awaiting the return of the Pro Minecraft League.
  • Yo I'm stormAlchemist but you can call me storm. Season 3 will be my first season watching URealms on twitch, but I caught up recently on YouTube. 
  • Heyo I'm Time, I'm a dedicated Game Master, generally a lurker but now that we have new forums I'll definitely be posting on the forums. Already working on a bunch of custom things like classes, companions, and campaigns ~_~  
  • Hey, I'm Ulthax. Been watching Rob since the DvZ days, and wish I'd found him sooner. I'm a broke college student who still buys shirts when I can because they're awesome, and I plan on DM'ing a few campaigns once the official mod is released.

    I play League, Hearthstone and other random games. Feel free to add me on HS, tag is Ulthax#1618.
  • I'm v12a12 and some of you might know me from reddit, coechat, or the six discord.
  • Hello there my friends, I'm Slapped an aspiring DM and head admin of a small discord server "crewmunity". Me and my good friend GoldPally love URealms, and we were wanting to bring URealms to the server but we never had the tools to do so... but now with the forums we'll be taking in people to start up campaigns as soon as we can. hope to play with you wonderful people soon :peace: 
  • Hey, my name is Aesrien! I've been a fan of Robs work for many years and Urealms Live is one of my favorites so far. I have personally never been able to play any role play games like DnD or Urealms but I love it all the same. I can't wait to see how Urealms and the community progresses and I hope to be a part of it! :) (Loving the emotes)
  • Heya, I'm CrazE, pronounce that however you'd like.  I've been watching Rob since the old DvZ days. My favorite Urealms character is Nikers Fontain, and once this mod is released I'll be GM'ing for my buddies!
  • Hi, I'm btg99, I love watching urealms and have occasionally contributed to the wiki!
  • Hello I'm Kyolus, on reddit and on the wiki I'm Toadslayer, and on twitch I'm Kyolus. I've been watching Rob seen he first appeared in UHC and have loved every moment since.
  • Hello all! My name is LoudFungus, I first started watching URealms when the webseries was coming out on escapist, I never found Rob's other stuff until last year as the first season of URLive was wrapping up. Since then I've binged all of Rob's videos, and am a regular lurk boy in Justin's stream. I'm looking forward to season 3, and would love to play/DM fan games when I can afford Tabletop Sim.
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    Hello! I'm Backflip and I've been lurking around since a recent time, but I can't remember which specific recent time that is. Hope to see y'all around :heart:  
  • Hi I'm Jalku. I have been a fan of rob for a couple years now but have been lurking in the shadows until recently. I also have begun doing fan art so expect more from me for now on!
  • Hi! I'm butter you may recognize me from the uhc subreddit or coe and Justin's steams. I've been following Rob since a little bit before the start of URealms and I'm really excited for season 3.
  • My name is Lone. I've been a fan of the buffalo wizards and Rob for a while. I was on DVZ and Lords a lot back in the day, and I still visit now. I used to be a pretty rebellious and toxic member of the community, but I have changed my ways. My favorite color is porc.
  • Aftermornin', I'm "username". Exactly that. "username", lower-cased U, without the quotation marks.
    I've been a fan of Rob's since... well, maybe around the time of his first few Pokemon nuzlockes. And now I'm here.
    Ah, and I go by "username", "quotation marks", "background character", "extra number twenty-four", and "hey, you".
    Here's an emoji,  >:)
  • Howdy y'all! If you look at my name tag you can see I am Bounden. I'm a big fan of URealms though haven't ever communicated in the old forums. I can't wait for Season 3 and for the adventures to come.
  • Hey guys I'm Cole.

    All aboard the hype train for Season 3
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