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New Elf Racial/Sub-Races

This season of Urealms has been included a lot of elf campaign (5/10), and the next season would probably also include a lot of elf campaigns since the War between the living and ageless is upon us and Rob has stated there are a lot of Elf lore left to explain. Since we have the azveltarian race I though it would be more interesting to have a bigger variety of elf-abilities for the next season. So these are the abilities I came up with:
The Elf Racial will look like this:
custom card
Whenever you choose Elf as your race you will be given a choice of which family you belong to:


  • One suggestion for the barringsters if they happen to pull any mental illness they must take that card. ie schizophrenia or insane ext. 
    I like it.
  • I think this would make a really cool addition or fan expansion if it didnt make it in the main game. Some of them however seem rather powerful. Maybe instead of doing selection of 5's you can maybe make it choose up to 2 from a selection of 3. I feel as if getting a choice of 5 makes it so you can get almost whatever you want or a form of it. Also I don't believe Rob uses the whole once a game thing very much anymore. I think if you toned the cards down a little bit and made it so you could use them on move actions or just have them act like a limited because those are easier to track and after 4+ hours it can be difficult to remember what you did and maybe you wasted it.
  • I actually had this idea when the Azveltaran Elves were first introduced. I'm still fine tuning the idea, but here's my stuff on that so far.
  • @Shellguy You might be right about some of them being hard to remember, however my reasoning behind some of the anti-Death Roll abilities comes from other similar abilities from the game: divinefavorsiffiransilvershield,patientankhoflife. I choose to do 2 out of 5 since almost all elves this season has never gotten more than 1 useful ability from their racial. (Poor Lyn), but it might be to powerful, 2 out of 3 or 1 out of 4 might be better.
  • @Ron_Fairham ;
    custom card
    Well, this might be to crazy, but i tried at least.
  • All of them are way too strong commpared to the OG
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