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Are beams projectiles?

Are beams classed as projectiles?

 In the most recent campaign Justins master magician robes abosrbed an arcane beam as it was counted as a projectile but other GMs I've played with class it as a beam. There example was cherry blossom, but it is just a lot of petals being shot at you. It is the same as a volley of arrows which count. Or a beam is still being shot at you so should count.

What are your opinions?


  • I do not think beams are projectiles, but in the case of Master Magicians Robes I would still transform it anyway.
  • For use with items like master magician's robes or deflex, i generally take projectiles to mean any ranged attack, but each DI can rule it however they wish or change ruling on the fly. Rob has specifically stated that if you're abusing mechanics and being a jerk, the DI can just break your items and make you deathroll for the hell of it.
  • Beam attacks should be considered projectiles or not based on context, I think. For the magicians robes, it makes sense to include them, but for something like parrying dagger, it might make more sense to not include beams.
  • No they have the line gem not the ranged gem
  • flamelance is a line attack but i wouldn't expect it to be a beam attack. I would view it as a projectile that passes through everything it contacts for the whole distance it travels. Whether it's a ranged ability or a line attack, if it's a projectile it would be affected by the master magicians robes. Therefore I would also say that beams are continuous projectiles and can also be affected by the master magician robes.
  • Isnt the line gem just a ranged gem that keeps going?
  • @Tinethewizard Not necessarily. Take, for example, smokeynagitana, which has the piercing gem despite clearly being a melee weapon. Logically, this would be a melee gem that keeps going.

    As a GM myself, this one card haunts me with the same question, "Does line attack is projectile."

  • @GypsyCow Your sword is now an arcane beam have fun!
  • pro·jec·tile
    [prəˈjektl, prəˈjekˌtīl]
    projectiles (plural noun)
    1. a missile designed to be fired from a rocket or gun.
      synonyms: missile · trajectile
      • an object propelled through the air, especially one thrown as a weapon.
        "they tried to shield Johnson from the projectiles that were being thrown"
        synonyms: projectile · bomb · grenade · bullet · cartridge · shot · trajectile
    1. relating to a projectile missile or object.
      "a projectile weapon

    Yup, lots of rockets exist in URealms. Thanks internet. My opinion? Projectiles are anything you throw, like a rock or an arrow. A sword or anchor on a chain aren't projectiles because you hold them. Beams are weird, though.
  • Yea, I mean if you're firing it, its a projectile.
  • Beams are not Projectiles, but cards that change projectiles I just generally have effect beams cause it makes less sense for them to not be changed/effected.
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