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Campaign Thread: A Night To Remember



  • Well this started off incredibly messed up. It's pretty great.
  • Quincest is the best 
  • You know what to do now @Reizel
  • this is fantastic
  • What a wonderful ending 
  • Except for Coe lol.@zipzorp

    But for real, this campaign was very fun and the fact that it ended with not bloodbath but multiple ways to develop characters is so promising. Kinda sad that the season ends soon but if the finale will be half as entertaining as this one was then i am fully content.
  • Loved the show, Lots of love to the Urealms team! 
  • Loved this one, Thanks for the show lads.
  • Awesome show, so many twists. Loved the raid too. 
  • I'm so happy, the first campaign I had a whole Saturday free to watch 
  • Great show

  • Such a fun campaign.
  • such a great campaign with some of the best moments and i'm soooo happy i got the bet :smileneena: 
  • It was such a amazing campaign. Justin definatly was NOT "a avarage character", he might be one of the Strongest ones yet!
  • 'After unleashing the power of 6 fearsome counter spells and dominating all remaining foes with a Critical Legendary Carbonite Spell, Justin gazed at his obliterated enemies atop a pillar of Dark Ice and said, "Toodles Darlins"'
  • the guaranteed death part of Blanket of death felt kinda anticlimactic to me? obviously it did result in that very exciting moment with the coin, but that wasnt even really part of the card. I wonder if it would be better if it was a brutal death roll, or turned them ageless? It might not be that big of a deal though, the chance of it coming up is obviously super low.
  • @Seralyna the story was over. Coe went back to the ship to cast more spells and ironically died from a spell that should of killed him the first time regardless of roll. Really couldnt ask for a better end.
  • I know the chances are very low of this happening but imagine if Justin's character finds Rick Snot and Maarco/Polo depending on how long they've been sailing. 
  • The real issue I think is that the entire finale seemed like pure anti-fun for Coe. He got that awesome sounding Legendary, and it basically screwed him hard every time he tried anything. By the end of it Lucida was probably thinking that Qunitara Lotus had set the whole thing up as a way to murder her.
  • @Harkmagic
    Well, it's Quintara Lotus. With an ending like this, she probably DID plan for her to die on her birthday
  • If it wasn't for the fact that Ageless caused the attack, Quintara Lotus might've been able to use the aftermath as inspiration for discovering chaotic and needlessly elaborate ways to get away with murder.

    I'm sure Coe is playing it up a decent amount, but he does seem to die a little inside when bad luck starts to get worse.
  • Shouldn’t Fox (Fawkes?) have death rolled 3 times to see if she becomes an ageless thrall? It would’ve been cool if she managed to survive
  • @Loveland ;
    Nah, I don't think the spell hit anybody. It just killed Coe right in front of her. I believe she might have been converted against her will anyways, if my memory is still correct.

    You bring up a good point with the name (unless Rawb or Roamin said it was actually spelled f-o-x). It never seemed like Fox to me, more like Fawkes.
  • @knguy I only say this since I just watched the vod since I missed the end. Coe helps her up onto the ship and she death rolls to not be swallowed. Once Coe uses the spell, Rob just says she and the Gandolin girl are ageless thralls. She wasn’t converted as far as I’m aware, so I felt she should’ve had the chance to save herself, as she’s basically about on level with Galen and Gwenyth
  • @Loveland ;
    Perhaps, but she saw exactly how that went for Coe. And now, hopelessly outnumbered against who knows how many more ageless thralls, pebble boys, hat rats, and whoever stuck around on the ship...
    she never stood a chance. And with the players characters out of the picture, we weren't going to see the rest of the action in detail anyways.
  • edited July 2018
    @knguy yeah... just in case though, I’ll take the liberty of rolling anyways.

    EDIT: well, in my headcanon she lives  >:)
  • Flip a coin. 50/50 chance. More like 49.99/49.99/0.02.
  • It was a really good campaign, but I really don't know how the living can win the war since the ageless have so many strong characters like Bopen, Ladrian the wraith, Krungor, Are'ani (who can mind control the living to their side), Phineas, and they seem to have a lot more player characters on their side than the ones currently fighting for the living (meaning the ones with the even families). Also, whenever a living is killed the ageless can bring them back as an ageless and possibly get the recently brought back to join them. And now the ageless have a spy for them on the mana arc. So far the strong on the living's side are maybe gwyneth, some of the mana arc, and maybe Quintana Lotus (though we don't really know what she'll do).
  • The thing it that the Living can always add more characters. The Ageless also have a weakness to light magic, if they do  campaign that has to do with a party truly hunting down Ageless then they can stock up on the correct spell set and max out their characters. It would be a Rob thing to do to have the Ageless win the war, but you do have to realized that not all the Ageless are evil. The Deadlantis show that there are different sides to the Ageless. There could be a change and a civil war among the Ageless. (that would be a fun game to watch.)
  • It occurred to me that Deadbones was the weakest player for once -on a week centered on his character no less. Roamin Coe and Justin deserve kudos for their overall excellence this game. All three of them went above and beyond.
    And to clarify, Deadbones wasn't slacking either. This campaign was far from his worst.
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