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NinjaGuy00's Urealms Animations!



  • These are amazing! Thank you so much for making these!
    The Pizza one is my favorite. :D
  • Great again @NinjaGuy00 :smile: 

  • Amazing as always!
  • Ye good 'ol divine pizza dicision. one of the many highlights of that campaign. Great job animating it! Had me laughing the entire time!  :)
  • What campaign was the pizza from?
  • Tower of Ultimate Wizardry Chapter 2 (or just 2, probably)

    In the middle of the campaign, in the junk room, right before they are about to leave they start talking about whether pizza is a sandwich. On mobile, so no links right now.

    You better believe that DD art was made by irishxlily.
  • love these short animations, great job with them! 
  • You always make the funniest videos man. And I'm so glad that the pizza sandwich debate is now forever immortalized in an animation.
  • Dude your animations are amazing and the effort that you put in really shows. As someone who has studied animation and mingled with the programs you use I can firmly say that you go above and beyond with your work. :heart: :smile: 

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