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The Blood Council; The Urealms Unified Expansion

In a distance region of the name Tuine Duin, where magic are rampant and takes turn affected the land as seasons, an ancient power is slowly growing once more, the people of the region being as oblivious to it this time as the last...
The Blood Council is a Fan Expansion created by me and several others of the different Urealms Unified Moderators since early spring and we are happy to finally show it to the world! 
This expansion currently got four fairly unique decks; A "Foodstuff" Deck which is something akin to a Potion Deck, a "Season" Deck that changes how a given map or specific spells within a Campaign will work, a "Worldly Knowledge" Deck that are lore/rule cards that gives abilities or passive effects to certain beings or terrain, and lastly the "Bloodcrafted Relics" Deck that contains pseudo-Legendary Cards.
This Expansion is nearly 400 cards large and we are going to add more cards as things goes along. Feel free to download it and give it a look:)
And if you want to join or Discord;

Some pieces of artwork used in this expansion was found online and was not created for us so we cannot proclaim ownership nor rights to them. As for any cards we made ourselves and any artwork I myself made goes under the following;
This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!


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