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(Spoilers) Divine Decision

Although we do not know the outcome I would like to just say my reasoning that we should kill the dwarf king.
We hold the true power in the realm and we should not allow some lowly dragon to kill steal our prey. We should hold our power with responsibility and we should not allow a dragon to think they are as powerful as out children. 
Our creations shall be above those big headed lizards


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    I voted Old God because i figured it'd be cool since we've seen a dragon fight before (well, a whelpling, but still)
  • I had similar reasoning for my vote, I figured "Dragon? We know mostly what to expect for that" but for Old Gods I have much less of an idea for what that'll be like.
    Either way though it's exciting to not know which was picked.
  • I voted Dragon because we've already had the old gods be responsible for the birth of magic, and it'd be true Bruce Willakers spirit to fight a full-fledged dragon.
  • But the thing is.... the old Gods would be responsible either way.

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    I personally voted old god, simply because i didnt want to create another dragon (god) as the decision said, and i quote "a character who will become a dragon".
    Edit: fixing the quote, just to be accurate
  • I voted old god because Bruce Wilkers fights Dragons all the time, so it wouldn't really make much sense for him to be killed by one with that much experience under his belt.
  • It said a character who becomes a dragon. That could mean another song of dragons character pure of heart. Thats another big player at the table. On the other hand we already know we are going to create a being. 

    Also oldmanwillakers vs a dragon is iconic in DvZ, but even more iconic is him taking a nap and turning into a dragon. What if we could see that? What if oldmanwillakers was not killed by someone else turning into a dragon, but instead him turning into a dragon killing him as a person transferring his spirit to virgo making him the 2nd or 3rd grand paladin depending on who you ask because oldmanwillakers' body is still technically out there. 
  • I voted Old God, because either way it's the Old Gods' fault no matter which way it happens. This way it's more honest.
  • I voted dragons, because it would be so ironic. The DVZ bruce might fight/kill dragons all the time, But in Urealms dragons are way more powerfull, as dragons in urealms are divines/gods.

    (Also seeing another character ascend would be really cool, who could it be? and killing bruce will be a HUGE character backstory thing!)
  • I voted dragons because he's the first Grand Paladin, right? I'm pretty sure the reveal was gonna be that the Final Light is actually Ouro'ras taking over the GP every time, so if it's dragon, then it's possible that we watch that first death happen. But with the Old Gods killing him, it can be anything now.

    Reasoning: Fleshweaver is a light class too.
  • either way its going to be blamed on us so just do it directly
  • I voted old god cause I figured that maybe that would mean that there would be a way for us to use Bruce in the future. It’s a long shot but we’ve brought back the dead before with old god blood.
  • @NeedsMoreLimesreallyy like this. We've learned that the Grand Paladin basically loses either a part of themselves or themselves in their entirety. Virgo definitely seems like a completely different person after becoming the GP.
  • Well I voted ****** why? Because ******
  • @Blight I swear I will take what you voted without any anger but you better use your power to empower our minions 
  • @Blight i see what u did their sir both dragon and lodged have six characters in spelling them crafty =)
  • I knew that no matter which one we chose, it will be the same. After all Maelstrom is both an Old God Creation and a Dragon, so our vote could no matter? Yet, if there were two seperate characters, then my reasoning on voting "Dragon" was because then we can have an army of dwarves to kill the dragons since they killed their king!
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    I think both outcomes would be entertaining. However, I voted for the dragon because I think it fits with Bruce Willakers' character. That being said though, we don't know much about Urealms Bruce. He could very well be extremely different than DVZ Bruce. Very hyped to see where the divine decision takes us.  >:)
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